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Most of the top tire multiplayer games nowadays have become intensely competitive. They have a worldwide ranking system where players get ranked according to their skills.

The games have introduced a clan system to encourage team play, better communication, and strategy building. In these clans, players can gather together, build-up plans, and grow as an extended team.

But building and growing a clan can be difficult. No one can build a world-renowned clan alone, and it needs a lot of supervision. The in-game methods of maintaining a clan might seem a little underwhelming at times.

Over a few years, clan websites have emerged as one of the most effective and efficient ways to build and manage a clan.

These websites have a built-in recruitment system and daily in-game task tracking features. These let you evaluate progress and estimate the current level and influence of your clan!

If you have built such a website, you might need a server to host it. We, Maximal Hosting, bring you a specialized server that will host your clan website!
Our clan/guild server brings along with itself the tried and tested combination of our gaming servers, which will provide you with fantastic performance and reliability.

Rent your own server now

Why Rent Guild Web Server from Maximal Hosting?

SSD based servers:

One of the essential features of our server is that it is based on SSDs. This provides the servers with incredible speeds. A high-quality website is bound to take up a lot of space because of its high complexity.

Having it stored in an SSD will mean that the website will load up faster when needed when compared to a conventional HDD. This faster loading is because of the higher read and writes speeds on an SSD.

Furthermore, the SSD also helps you to make changes to your website faster than ever! You can edit files, add images, and remove unwanted parts of the code within seconds.

Strong network connectivity:

Having a strong connection with the internet is another essential characteristic of a website hosting server. This is important because, without a reliable connection, the website might be slow to load.

Under miserable circumstances, the website might even become offline. To avoid these issues, we monitor our connections at all times. We have some of the best on-time statistics in the industry.

Therefore you can trust the fact that your website will never go offline or load slowly.

FTP integration:

Like our gaming servers, the website hosting servers have integrated FTP protocols that help you make edits to your website on the fly.

You can use your traditional file manager to copy and paste files to the server. You do not need to use the inconvenient command-line interface for simple tasks anymore.

The FTP protocol also lets you create backups of the server with ease. This means you can keep your website and its required files safe no matter what happens.

Using the FTP protocol, you can also migrate between servers with ease! No need to start from scratch each time you change servers.

Easy setups:

Our web hosting servers are pre-configured in such a way that it’ll take you only a few minutes to set everything up. All you need to do is subscribe to our services and upload your files.

Once you upload the files, you can use scripts to maintain everything else. Once everything is uploaded, your website will go online without the need to manually linking it.

Excellent performance:

Our servers are paired with best in class hardware. From the latest GPUs to the most reliable CPUs, we have it all! This ensures that your scripts that loaded onto the server will execute without any issues.

Furthermore, this also ensures that there are no lags or shutters while browsing the website. Images, draw-ables, and videos will render correctly, giving the end-user a fluid experience.

Our excellent hardware paired with the SSD and huge RAM means that there won’t be any delay in scrolling, clicking, and overall interaction with the website’s elements.

Superior security:

We have taken serious steps to keep your website safe from hackers! Our servers come pre-installed with custom made security protocols that can detect and block many different cyber attacks.

One of the most common attacks that take place on servers is known as DDoS attacks. DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks is carried out by hackers using bots.

The hackers connect a large number of bots to the servers and overwhelm them. This blocks out the people who want to communicate with the server, and it also degrades the experience of the people connected to the servers.

Our security system detects these attacks and blocks them before the hacker can do any damage.

Top-notch support:

Humans make errors, and that is quite natural. If you mess up while handling the servers, you’re not alone! But, don’t be afraid, our excellent customer service division backs you up.

No matter what the problem is, you can always contact our customer service agents through email. You can drop the email at any point in time, irrespective of where you live.

Our agents will reach out to you as soon as possible and solve your issues within minutes.

Affordable prices:

Our basic plan starts at $5, and it includes all of the features mentioned above! Furthermore, we provide you full flexibility over tuning the storage, ram, and a lot f other things.

This means you can effectively curb the costs of the server and truly make it your own.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a different subscription if you feel you need extra memory, storage, or power! If you want, you can also cancel the subscription at any point in time due to the prepaid nature of payments.

Therefore, don’t wait anymore. If you have your website ready, make it up and running using our servers now! Build and maintain your clan with the help of a silky smooth website that can handle complex animations and high-resolution images with ease.