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Renting or owning a server for hosting virtual games has become a norm nowadays. It provides a massive amount of flexibility to its users in the form of power, security, and customization!

Renting a full server might become financially stressful. Furthermore, the raw power provided by the physical servers might not be required for hosting games! Therefore, a lot of the power will go to waste.

VPS servers provide an adequate amount of power to gamers and a host of different features. This makes it one of the most popular choices for servers in the world.

We at Maximal Hosting, are one of the most renowned and trusted VPS providers in the world. Our VPS servers provide one of our users’ smoothest gaming experience with fantastic performance and robust security.

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What is a VPS?

Before discussing the features that we provide with our VPS servers, let’s first describe what a VPS is.

VPS or Virtual Private Space is a software-based partition of a physical server. It provides you with a personal space on a physical server used by a lot of other people simultaneously.

The VPS is created on an overpowered server so that all of them can get adequate power when required. The power distribution between the different VPSs on a physical server is controlled smartly via software algorithms.

Therefore, the VPSs can receive an adequate amount of power and recourses whenever needed. Furthermore, VPSs are known to be a safer option when compared to other types of shared servers.

One of the main reasons for this is the isolation of one VPS from all other VPS on the server. To make things safer, each VPS has its security system, which keeps it safe even if others are compromised.

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Why is VPS so popular?

Servers can be one of the most useful resources for a gamer. It lets them configure their game to the fullest extent and enables personalized gameplay using mods.

Furthermore, the servers also provide ease of use by making many game-oriented processes shorter and more straightforward, like inviting your friends! Despite all these advantages, renting a physical server will cost a lot!
This is where VPSs come in handy. They cut down the cost by dividing one physical server into several independently usable parts.

Doing this brings down the subscription prices at the cost of shedding down some raw power as well. But for gamers, that is not a huge problem as our VPSs are powerful enough to run almost all of the AAA titled games with ease!

VPS Features:

Now that we have the description of VPS out of the way, let’s concentrate on what features our VPS provides:

Multiple OS support:

All of our VPSs support various operating systems to make sure all of your needs can get fulfilled without an issue. We have Linux, Windows, Plesk servers, and more! Our servers can handle gaming, web-space, website hosting, and many other demanding tasks with ease.

Easy setup for gamers:

We have dedicated Linux VPS game-servers that can be configured with just one click. The gaming servers are customized to automate the process of installation and updating games.

Therefore, you do not need to spend precious hours behind setting everything up. Furthermore, the gaming servers also have extensive features that help you customize the games through mods, or manually using the FTP protocol.
With hundreds of supported games and mods, you will get the best gaming experience through our gaming VPSs.

Superior administration:

We have some of the best server administration tools in the whole industry. Using these tools, you can administer everything from the amount of storage used to the CPU, GPU, and RAM usage.

You get to see all of these administrative data in the form of graphs and charts. This lets you keep track of your usage and make changes to the VPSs if necessary.

Extremely powerful:

We have built our servers from scratch using some of the best components available in the market. This means that you are getting the latest CPUs, GPUs, SSDs, and a bucket load of power.

One of the other most useful features of using our VPS is that you can increase the amount of storage and memory on the fly! This ability makes you and your VPS fully future-proof.

Robust security:

Our servers are known to be one of the safest servers out there. We provide all-around protection from a wide variety of cyber attacks that have the potential of bringing your server down.

One of the most common attacks carried out by hackers is known as a DDoS attack. DDoS attacks overload the servers and block the connection attempt of other users with the server.

Our security systems detect these attacks in the early stages and block them so that they don’t cause any disturbance in the user experience.

Our servers also encrypt your data so that a data breach can’t harm you in any way possible.

Worldwide support:

Handling servers is a difficult task, and it is easy to mess things up. Therefore we have enlisted some of the best customer service agents and engineers to help you whenever you need them.

You can contact our customer service team through email and other methods at any time! You will get a response within a matter of minutes.

Budget-friendly options:

Whether you subscriber for a gaming server or a Web hosting server, our subscription starts from $5 a month. This is one of the lowest rates in the industry, considering the number of features you get.

You will be entitled to the highest degree of performance, flexibility, and support with all of our subscriptions. Furthermore, you can change or drop your subscription any time you want.

If you are on the lookout for more power or storage, you can upgrade them through our subscriptions. Furthermore, we have a continual and seamless upgrading system which means, you do not lose any data in the process, and your server never goes offline as well.

Please don’t waste any more time and get yourself a gaming VPS from us now!