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  • Up to 10 users on a server
  • Free DDoS protection
  • 99.90% uptime

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Valheim PC game on Steam.

With multiplayer gaming on the rise, gaming servers are becoming increasingly important as a means for socializing and community building. With more and more people becoming pro gamers and earning a living by playing games, it is only plausible that gaming platforms also up their game by providing a comfortable, seamless, and high-quality server for these gamers to come together. Today, there are many gaming servers in the market, some of which offer incredible features at affordable prices.

What is Valheim?

Set in the Nordic background, Valheim is a survival game that takes inspiration from the Viking culture. The goal of the game is to prove that you are worthy to enter a place called Valhalla. To reach this goal, you have to explore the Nordic world, possibly encountering monsters and other dangers along the way.

You have to defeat all these levels while also building houses, pieces of equipment and traveling to rise in favor of the Nordic gods and reach Valhalla.
 The challenges you will face will get increasingly more difficult as you progress on to newer levels. Valheim delivers to you hours of action-packed gaming that is sure to keep you and your friends entertained.

From building your equipment like weapons and armory to building houses, boats, and ships for traveling to distant places. You get to summon and fight demons and monsters until you reach your final destination and complete the task set for you by Odin, the Norse God. 

The game’s design of the game Valheim comes with a straightforward in-game progression procedure, with each step leading you closer to the next level. This game is worth experiencing since it comes with loads of exciting tasks and challenges that keep you interested from the start.

This game has an option to play individually and also focuses on multiplayer settings with up to 9 players at the same time. You can try out popular mods that the creators have released. The game has enjoyed overwhelming positive feedback from players worldwide and can play with your friends on many game hosting websites.

With a procedurally generated world, Valheim allows you to explore and inhabit exotic and mystical lands. This game also supports independent, player-hosted servers and unlimited world creations, so you are sure to have the most fun out of gaming with your friends and unleashing your creativity to the fullest. 

With such an exciting game at hand, you should also have an equally proportionate server to help you enjoy this game even more. Here we introduce to you one of the best-renowned gaming servers: Maximal Hosting.

Why We’re The Best Choice for Renting a Valheim Server

Maximal Hosting is one of the best game-Hosting servers out there. Maximal Hosting holds the Gaming culture with a world-class industry arsenal and full-stack developers in the highest regard. It has developed a platform where passionate gamers can come together and enjoy a great gaming session. 

At Maximal Hosting, we have hardware experts who have come up with the most advanced systems to help you enjoy seamless gaming online on our servers. With a strong passion for games, the dynamic team at Maximal Hosting plays the role of facilitators for those who are serious about gaming and aim to provide them with the best experience they can have.

We know that the servers primarily influence gaming quality, and for you to enjoy the best gaming experience, you need to find the perfect server. At Maximal Hosting, our flexible and highly efficient teamwork untiringly gives you a better overall performance.

Hosting Features

As one of the favorites of gamers worldwide, Maximal Hosting offers you lots of unique and irresistible features that set this server apart from others:

Industry-leading uptime rates:

We offer a 99% uptime guarantee; this means that the server will always be up, and you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything while gaming. Our unrivaled uptime promise is guaranteed to deliver to you the best experience you can ever ask for. 

Reliability is our core policy, and we work relentlessly to give the players what they want. The servers’ configuration at Maximal Hosting supports long sessions with low or no lag at all. 

Worldwide data centers:

We have deliberately placed our data centers all around the world with careful calculation. The service providers at Maximal Hosting take the utmost care to decide where to establish the data centers. This aspect provides a convenient server for you to connect to.

Keeping in mind the broad customer base we have, we have strategically placed data centers worldwide for players to enjoy the best and most appropriate connectivity. As the customer base increases, we are ever-expanding server locations to maintain a proportionate ratio to keep our services and servers at optimum levels.

Premium hardware:

Our hardware team works diligently to bring you lightning-speed gaming experiences. Curated with Cutting-edge hardware and adaptive software, we guarantee that using our services will suit all your gaming requirements. State-of-the-art hardware is brought to you by Maximal Hosting to assist you in high-quality, professional gaming.

DDoS Protection:

To protect your server, we offer you extensive protection and the latest firewalls so that you do not have to worry about DDoS attacks.

Unmatched security:

We also practice automated and manual monitoring to deal with the risks and threats that may occur. Since modern games run on complex algorithms and require advanced technologies, our technical team works day and night to ensure that we never get out of date and keep the server running at optimum levels all the time.

Affordable Packages:

In Maximal Hosting, processors come in different packages, and you can choose one that fits your requirement. The customization of each of these packages caters to all the other individuals in the whole community.


All the hardware is connected to backup resources and redundant servers ready to continue Hosting if a server goes down, which rarely ever happens. Even if it does, you won’t notice when a server is down or see when the server switches.

Tons of games:

Maximal Hosting has servers for most of the games available to players worldwide. Since the Gaming community represents diverse interests, we aim to give you multiple options and titles for a massive variety of gaming pursuits. 
Our team Shares the passion for gaming with our customers, so we understand the importance of variety when it comes to gaming servers. 

The Extended server options include a wide range of games, such as Minecraft, Terraria, Rust, CS:GO, and more.

Supreme customer service:

The client community at Maximal Hosting is superb. We value our customers and hold their needs in the highest regard. You can quickly get in touch with our customer representatives, who will provide you with problem-solving tactics and provide technical support whenever needed.

There is also a healthy exchange of ideas between the customer service team and the customers that help us widen our horizons. With Round the clock customer service, they work throughout the year to help and assist you in any way possible.

Simple payment system:

Nobody wants to wait long turns or go through 10-15 steps of the payment procedure to start playing games. Considering this, we have for you a straightforward and easy payment system that accepts all major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The signup process is also relatively short and convenient, so you can get your game Up and running in no time.

Why choose Maximal Hosting for Valheim?

Renting Valheim servers from Maximal Hosting, you get the option of a prepaid server that starts from $5 per month. Anyone can rent this server and set it up quickly. It is one of the fastest gaming cloud servers with breakneck hosting speed.

This server can take Up to 10 users at once. You also get free DDoS protection, so you don’t have to work about any threats or safety measures. With a guaranteed 99.0% uptime, you will enjoy the best time with your friends on this server at a minimal cost.

Unrelenting and Uncompromising policy:

We aim to provide the leading technology for game hosting at impressive hosting speeds. Performance is the focal point of our service which sets us apart from others in the industry.

We design, maintain and curate the servers to ensure exquisite service and top-notch hosting packages. With professionals’ assistance, you will experience satisfaction, fast delivery, reliability, and loyalty with all the entertainment you need. 

Team of experts:

At Maximal Hosting, we are a group of passionate service providers who play crucial roles in delivering the best gaming experience. Maximal Hosting offers the best of the best when it comes to game server hosting with indispensable members.

It is also noteworthy that we incorporate pro gamers in the team, so we have first-hand knowledge of our customers’ wants. With gamers working for gamers, we can keep improving for better performance.

The most comprehensive customer service:

The customer service representatives at Maximal Hosting thrive on empathy. They have the training to understand all your queries and answer them in time. With excellent communication skills, the answer to all your questions with the utmost satisfaction.

Security experts:

To monitor hassle-free gaming, our security team works tirelessly for your security and safety at Maximal Hosting. They regularly and timely update their systems and keep everything up to date, ensuring that there is no way for hackers to breach the system.

The user-friendly interface:

At Maximal Hosting, we believe that gaming should be a fun and enjoyable experience. We have the most straightforward and simple user interface that even first-time visitors have no problem finding what they want on the website. It is easy to navigate your way through the website and find what you are looking for with convenient control panels. 

Tailor-made gaming solution:

We are aware that with the development of hundreds of games daily, it is crucial to update the latest technologies to keep up with the trend. We go a step further and bring to you game servers at the core of the next-generation gaming experience. In this way, we utilize the latest technologies of the present while anticipating all the future possibilities in gaming technology.

Hosting environment:

The dedication and commitment that we at Maximal Hosting place on the gaming infrastructure pays off as we have received awe-inspiring positive responses from our customers. We believe in developing a site that creates tightly knit communities out of strangers. Since we function on a customer-centered approach, you can rest assured that our services are reliable and loyal.


We are also aware of the finances that come with quality gaming servers. We deem gaming to be a luxury that anyone who has a passion for it should access and afford. Therefore, we offer you budget-friendly packages that anyone can rent or buy.

Additional Information

Gamers for gamers curate this superior server-hosting platform. With less lagging and fast delivery, the server functions are entirely reliable. It offers you seamless and problem-free hosting, which helps you better control its comprehensive configuration abilities.

With data centers located in every significant area of the world, Maximal Hosting ensures flawless hosting regardless of location. You get exceptional reception and coverage because of this worldwide connection. This website hosting service raises the bar for its counterparts by honoring clients and committing to the customers’ every need. 

Working to actualize many gamers’ dreams, Maximal Hosting wastes no time in delivering the highest level of game server hosting. Because this service is very easy to use, you get an opportunity to host the game of your choice even without in-depth technical knowledge.

With this innovative gaming service, you can customize it to fit your preferred gaming environment. Maximal Hosting evolves with time and embraces all the new changes to create more contemporary realities for passionate gamers to thrive in their elements.