Affordable TF2 Server Hosting

Are you thinking about having a good time with your clan members or friends in Team Fortress 2? Rent our TF2 server hosting at low prices, and you’ll experience gaming like never before with peak performance hardware and smooth gaming experience. Games like TF2 is best enjoyed when you play without having any performance issues or dealing with toxic teammates.

Host your game with us, invite your friends or TF2 clan members and have a good time practicing or having fun. Playing with your friends from any part of the world with zero performance drop is a kind of experience you’ll never forget.

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WHat’s Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is developed and published by Valve Corporation; it is one of the most played games on Steam. The game features first-person shooter perspective in the battle arena where you engage on the battlefield as a team. The game features different types of game modes; every game offers a unique set of playstyle. Team Fortress 2 is heavily based on teamwork and role-play. The game has been running since 2007, and it has made significant changes in in-game mechanics over the years. TF2 is the earliest game which introduced first-person shooter featuring MOBA platform.


Team Fortress 2 is among the most played games on Steam. Although TF2 isn’t entirely a competitive game, the game offers diverse game modes with 9 classes. You can choose your role between the 9 classes of heroes with unique skills; two teams compete against each other in a battle arena. It also features tons of default maps, modded games and custom maps. The cartoonish graphics with excellent animation makes a smooth gaming experience; it delivers maximum performance with tons of fun.

Heavy Tank on TF2 Server
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The game objectives are simple and straightforward, engage in the battle to capture points, steal a briefcase, steal the flag, or move the cart. Choose between the 9 playable characters with exciting skills and encounter enemy team with strategy. The game can rely on the team strategy to win the match, use the classes to its advantage, and counter the battle. The unpredictability of the match is what makes the game so appealing.

Play as any character, use melee class to initiate close combat or play as a sniper and take advantage of long-range combat. Heal your teammates or set up turrets; the matches in TF2 never feels repetitive or constricted to limited possibilities. Both offensive and defensive play has its advantage on its own. Communicate and cooperate with the team for victory; the game can get quite challenging as you make your way through the ranked matches.

Craft Weapons & Items

Customize your experience with crafting feature; you can collect items and craft weapons or cosmetics that you desire. Most items can be crafted, and you’ll find certain rewards randomly after the matches. Customize your character and play with cosmetic items. The game also features funny and entertaining taunts.

Modding is fairly popular in TF2, and you’ll find interesting mod hubs in the game. Join the community and discover interesting game mods.

Why choose Maximal Hosting for your TF2 server?

We at Maximal Hosting are dedicated to delivering the best gaming experience; we provide excellent services at low prices. Play TF2 like never before with reliable security software, high-performance system, and flexible pricing.

DDoS Protection

Every gamer demands a lag-free server, and it is crucial when it comes to online gaming. DDoS attacks are prevalent, either on third-party servers or official company servers. It can make a server suffer performance issues and often leading to server shut down. Our systems are equipped with advanced security software and firewall to mitigate DDoS attacks and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Reliable Back-ups

Our top priority is to keep your gaming progress safe. Servers back-up happens daily, and we keep the status of the servers on check to avoid any loss of data or instability. You can game at ease knowing that your data is safe with us; restore back-ups anytime if you wish to reroll.

99% server uptime

When hosting your games, keeping your server active is important to ensure flexibility across all regions. We ensure 99% server uptime with minimal downtime. Invite your friends across all regions and play anytime without worrying about your server.

System upgrades

We upgrade our system frequently to deliver maximum performance. Since games can get more demanding with time, our servers are updated with the latest hardware to deliver performance up to its potential. Play your game seamlessly without worrying about new features that require massive processing power.

Excellent support service

With us, hosting game is simple and easy, but custom server settings can create complications. Our support service is available 24/7 to assist you in troubleshooting and help you solve any issues. Email us your problems or instead choose to speak with us, we reply to messages instantly. We will make sure you’re fully satisfied with our service.

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Our Hosting Features

We offer tons of features for our TF2 server hosting plans.

Instant Set-up

Quickly set-up your server in a few minutes, your server will be prepared as soon as the order is placed and transactions are successful. Login in to your account, install programs and start playing right away. The programs will start with the default setting, and later you can choose to change the setting manually.

Low latency ping

There is no better feeling than competing against other players with super-smooth gameplay. Enjoy comfortable gaming with us; we provide a superior network service to ensure lag-free gaming. Stream your games without issues; you can switch between server locations at any time. Games like Team Fortress 2 demand superfast network as it is face-paced combat style. When playing for competition, every millisecond matters. Enjoy seamless gaming with your friends or clan members.

Flexible upgrades

Are you worried about your server engagement? Rest assured, as you rent our server; you can downgrade or upgrade your server with easy procedures. Upgrade your system anytime with few clicks; we provide flexible distribution of memory with vast choices of plans. You don’t have to worry about overloaded capacity or less engagement.

Reliable FTP

Transfer your files easily with our FTP feature; you can export or import files from the server. Either it is your game saved data, mod files, tools or utilities. Take control over your server and explore possibilities, work without interruptions, or experiment without limit. You can upload or download without any complications.

Easily Installations

Team Fortress 2 offers vast possibilities for mods, custom maps, games, or designs. The game allows easy modifications to the game for users to explore wider engagement. Our servers are preconfigured with default settings to support modification and other extensions. Easily install any files you want without issues.

Automatic updates

The system will notify or automatically install updates of the game. You don’t have to worry about getting the latest updates to get your game running with the latest version of the game. You can choose automatic updates or manually update games according to your preference.

Unlimited data traffic

Despite having a high-speed network, when you host server on your dedicated servers, it can overload and cause performance issues. Our company offers a massive networking capacity to handle heavy network traffic on a major scale. You can rely on our superfast network as you host games with us; we ensure zero performance drop from data traffic.

Server customization

Host your very own server with Rival Severs, you have complete control, and it is packed with tons of customizations. Enjoy gaming with your friends without interference and experience freedom of gaming.

Switch games

If you are bored with your game, instantly switch between games. It only takes some few procedures to switch between games in our server. You can host any available games that you want without renting a new server.

Why use Team Fortress 2 Cloud Hosting?

Well, the answer is simple, it offers more performance, and it is affordable. If you are run a dedicated server, you’ll be spending thousands of dollars, and it needs to run 24/7 with power back-up. The maintenance is high, and it consumes a lot of electricity. The load capacity can reach its maximum and cause instability. You need high-security software to keep your computer protected, and advanced DDoS firewall to prevent attacks.

Team Fortress Cloud server hosting can tackle all kinds of thread against hackers, spammers, and inconveniences. Game server hosting is cheap and reliable; you can sit back and relax while the company does all the work. Run your server with ease; enjoy maximum performance and flawless gaming with the superior network. All the data on your server will be saved, with 99% runtime, play, or invite friends anytime and have fun without interruptions. Stay protected as you game with us; the system is equipped with security software to prevent all kinds of threads.

You can monitor your server anytime and get notifications on updates. Install mods or utilities and explore endless possibilities of gaming. Games like Team Fortress 2 is perfect for game hosting; it offers custom mods, competitive play, tons of map, and addictive gameplay.