Pre-Paid Starbound Servers from $5/Month

Open world games like Starbound that have a Minecraft like vibe are best played on a custom server. Therefore if you’re looking for one, we have the best option for you.

Maximal Hosting brings you the best Starbound server hosting. The servers provide you with a fantastic gaming performance no matter where you live.

The best part is that our subscriptions start from $5. Rent a Starbound server with us now!

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What is Starbound?

Starbound is a game that is built around space. Your objective might be saving the universe or owning it! There is no wrong way to play the game; you can play as you wish!

It brings a new change within the open-world sandbox genre with its 2D Nintendo like graphics. Furthermore, it also supports many different mods that let you add machines to gore without too much tinkering.

Starbound takes you through an intergalactic journey where you need to travel from one plane to another. Each planet has its unique elements and secrets.

You need to collect these elements and uncover the secrets of each planet to create your kingdom. You need to farm the planets’ lands and maintain them while you venture on to different corners of the universe.

You can also take a different heroic route where you venture to find and fight the thing/force that caused your home’s destruction. The best part is that all the game’s levels get created according to you can your play-style.
Therefore, you can experience something new every time you play the game. This makes the experience even more dynamic.

Why Rent A Starbound Server from Maximal Hosting?

Starbound might be a popular game, but it does not have servers all over the world. This can cause problems in the form of lags and high pings. We have servers across the globe using which you can get a stable connection to play on.

Furthermore, downloading, installing, and maintaining mods can become a resource-hungry task. Thankfully if you have your server, you do not need to worry about running out of storage.

There are a lot of other features which are provided by us that make your life easier. To know about all of them, keep reading below:

Superior customization:

We have provided every possible feature and settings with our servers to customize your games with ease. We have done almost everything from supporting popular mods out of the box to integrating the FTP protocol.

The supported mods need only one click for installation. You do not need to configure each file yourself and waste your valuable time. The unsupported mods can also be installed manually using FTP.

Using the FTP protocol, you can copy and paste the mod files into the server’s required directory with the simple copy and paste technique. It will take a few minutes to set up the mods and launch the game.


Our servers are one of the most streamlined servers out there. Most of the tasks take only a few clicks, which decreases the time wasted on setting up and maintaining the server.

First and foremost, the FTP integration not only makes customization easier; it makes backups and restores easier as well. You can take backup and repair when needed.

Furthermore, FTP also made shifting from one server to another easier. This means you can change servers seamlessly, starting from where you left and not having to set up the new server again.

We have also made the process of upgrading and installation of the games automatic. Therefore you do not need to spend a lot of time figuring out how to install your favorite game on our server.

All you need to do is buy the subscription and click on the install button. The server will automatically check for updates in the future and install them automatically if you want.


We know how frustrating lags and frame drops can become. Our engineers pick some of the most powerful and trusted components for the server to counter those situations.

From the latest SSDs and RAMs to the best GPUs and CPUs, we have it all. This configuration gives the servers the potential to run all of the latest games at the highest settings and provides the server with fast and snappy performance.

This drastically increases the download, upload, and installation speeds, giving you an incredible gaming experience on servers.

Superior security and management:

One of the biggest reasons you’ll set up a Starbound server is to gather and play with a large group of selected people. While doing this, you need to have the highest security level to keep the server safe from hackers and cheaters.

We have made this task easy by giving you one of the best server security systems in the market. Our security system can detect and block DDoS attacks at their early stages.

Furthermore, it also gives you a way to monitor the people connected to the server. You can remove anyone who has questionable behavior and block their IP at any point in time.

Best up-times:

We have a talented team of engineers and customer service agents who work round the clock to help you out if you have any problems.

It is easy to mess up things when your handling a server, but don’t worry when you do. All you need to do is drop us an email, and we will help you out in taking care of everything.

Lowest rates:

Maximal Hosting provides you with all of these features at a starting price of $5 a month. This is one of the lowest rates when you consider the features that are being provided to you.

Along with this, we also provide you with the flexibility of changing or dropping the subscription whenever you want. Therefore don’t waste any time and take up our subscription as soon as possible.