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If you are in the mood for some scary adventurous game like SCP: Secret Laboratory with your friends, you need to get a proper server hosting. You can get a hold of our SCP: Secret Laboratory server hosting for a smooth gaming environment. The players will be able to witness hardware of peak performance at the lowest-priced plans.

Games such as SCP: Secret Laboratory is most fun when you can play it without toxic teammates and performance glitches.

We encourage you to host the game with us and invite all of your team members to the mix. Once you join our server, you will enjoy a zero-performance drop. Your team members can be from any part of the world and still join your server.

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SCP-173 character

What's SCP: Secret Laboratory?

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer type of video game with its genre being supernatural horror and free indie. It stems from the single-player original video game called “SCP – Containment Breach.” This game also comes from a paranormal fictional type of story from the website of the SCP Foundation.

The gameplay consists of a 1st person perspective, and the characters include:

  • A Scientist.
  • A Taskforce team member of an armed military guard.
  • A test subject who is escaping.
  • An assaulting insurgent.
  • An anomalous entity that is rampaging (SCP).

SCP: Secret Laboratory stems from the partnered writing project from the foundation of SCP. This SCP Foundation consists of a fictitious organization that catches objects & entities and studies them. These objects and entities violate and harm the natural law, and they are known as SCPs.

This fictitious organization’s actions are documented with the assistance of a partnered writing site of the same. Also, the SCP Foundation is an inspiration for multiple independent games, which also includes the SCP – Containment Breach.


The video game happens in the instant after-effects of a serious containment breach. The cause of this is because of the assaulting Chaos Insurgency. They are an armed military group that is opposed to the foundation of SCP.

Gamers can play as an assaulting Chaos Insurgency’s member, a 9-Tailed Fox’s member, an SCP that is escaping, a Scientist that is escaping, or a Class-D Personnel that is also escaping. Here, the 9-Tailed Fox refers to an armed military group that is defending the foundation of SCP. And the Class-D Personnel are the prison inmates, who are being used as the test subjects.

This game consists of multiple different rounds. Every round will end after the last remaining players are present within the same faction. And this includes the exception of SCPs and the Chaos Insurgency. Every round is going to end in 1-of-4 possibilities. They include:

SCPs will end up winning the round by killing off all the 9-Tailed Fox Units, Class-D Personnel, and scientists. They also have to prevent scientists and Class-D from escaping.

There are two winning conditions for Class-D. The Chaos Insurgency shouldn’t be killed, and the Class-D must be able to escape successfully.

For NTF, there are three winning conditions. There must be containment for all the SCPs, No Class-Ds should be able to escape, and one scientist must at least escape in peace. But in real gameplay, none of the SCPs should be alive.

The round can also end up in a stalemate that will lead to an all faction loss. How? Well, if a Class-D can escape, but all the members of the Chaos Insurgency dies. Also, if all the SCPs end up dying but a scientist isn’t able to escape.

On constant intervals, gamers who have died in the game or joined while progressing will end up respawning as units of Chaos Insurgency or 9-Tailed Fox. They will be able to assist the surviving factions up to a victory. The team spawn’s selection depends on the ticket system.

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Our Hosting Features

Here at Maximal Hosting, we provide an array of features for the SCP: Secret Laboratory server hosting plans.

Instant Set-Up

You can set up your server quickly and easily in just a few minutes. Once the transaction is successful and you place the order, your server will come prepared. Now you can easily log in to your very own account and proceed to install all the programs. After that, the players can start playing the game.

Eemember that the programs are going, beginning with the setting being at default. But you can always pick to change your settings to manual

Low Latency Ping

The best feeling in gameplay would be to compete with your team members in a super smooth gaming environment. You will enjoy gaming with us, all thanks to the high-performing network service that helps in getting the job done. You can easily stream all of your games and be lag-free. Plus, it is also possible to switch between different server locations at all times.

Exciting video games like SCP: Secret Laboratory needs a superior network at all times. You can’t afford to play this game on a lagging network—every second matter, especially when you are partaking in a serious competition.

The last thing you would want is a poor network connection that will get you killed in the game.

Flexible Upgrades

Now is the time to get your worries out of the door with the server engagement. As you start renting our server, you will be able to upgrade and downgrade your server with ease.

The procedure is easy, and it will only require a few clicks for upgrading your system. Our site offers flexible memory distribution accompanied by a large selection of plans. There won’t be any issues like less engagement and overloaded capacity.

Reliable FTP

With our FTP mode, you will have no trouble transferring files. You will be able to import and also export the files at ease from the server. It can be your saved data, utilities, mod files, or tools.

You have control and power over the server at all times. You will also be able to explore other possibilities, experiment with no limitations, and work without disturbances. Plus, players will be able to download and also upload without any issues.

Easy Installations

With SCP: Secret Laboratory, there is a wide range of possibilities for you. It could be the mods, designs, custom maps, or the games in general. This game provides room for modifications and enables players to start exploring a wider engagement

Here at Maximal Hosting, our servers come pre-configured, with its settings are at default for supporting modification and other extensions. You have the privilege to install files of your choice without any problems.

Automatic Updates

Getting the latest game updates is so much easier with Maximal Hosting. Our system does a great job of notifying our customers about the latest installation available for the game.

You will always have your game running on the newest features with our server. It’s your choice to set the settings for manual or automatic updates. It all depends on your preference and requirements.

Unlimited Data Traffic

There is a probability for players to face performance and overloading issues despite operating on a superior network. But with Maximal Hosting, you will enjoy a wide networking capacity that manages heavy-duty network traffic with ease on a major scale.

As you are hosting the game on our server, you can have full reliability without any lack of performance and speed. Our server is known for having a zero-performance drop.

Server Customization

Now, you have the chance to host your server with the rival servers. Players have complete control, and it comes with multiple customization options. Enjoy hardcore gaming with your friends and families without any disturbances.

You will have nothing but just pure freedom in gaming with this server hosting platform.

Switch Games

Our server hosting platform makes it possible for players to switch immediately between games. You can start switching when you get bored of playing SCP: Secret laboratory over and over again.

There are only a few simple steps for switching games within our server. And you don’t have to purchase and host a brand-new server for a different game. You will be able to use the same one for multiple game hosting.

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Why Choose Maximal Hosting For Your SCP: Secret Laboratory Server?

Our staff members at Maximal Hosting are interested in delivering a top gaming environment for every single customer. We are offering outstanding services at an affordable price tag. Now you can play SCP: Secret Laboratory like never before. You will enjoy reliable and tight security software with flexible pricing accompanied by a top-performance system.

DDoS Protection

Every player wants to experience a server that isn’t prone to lagging. It is vital, especially when it relates to online gaming. The attacks on DDoS often take place on official company server hosting and 3rd party servers too. These attacks are responsible for causing performance issues and shutdowns in servers.

At Maximal Hosting, our system comes equipped with super-advanced security software. Plus, there is also firewall protection for mitigating attacks of DDoS. These features present in the security software helps support a safe and smooth gameplay environment for all the players.

Reliable Back-Ups

One of our server hosting’s main priorities would be to keep the game progress safe. There is a daily back-up happening in the server for all of your saved files.

Our team also keeps the server’s status in check for preventing any instability and important data loss. Knowing that all of your data is safe in our server, our players will be able to game in peace. Plus, it is also possible for you to restore the back-ups whenever you choose to.

99.9% Uptime

If you want your server to be flexible in all locations, you need to keep it active at all times while hosting the games. Our company ensures you an uptime of 99.9% along with super minimal downtime.

You will be able to invite all of your friends from different regions in the world. Players can easily start partaking in the game without having to worry about their servers being affected. There is no room for delays and hindrances at Maximal Hosting.

System Upgrades

Our team is constantly upgrading the system for delivering maximum performance for all of our customers. It is normal for games to become more demanding and technical with time. As a player and gaming enthusiast, you need to keep up with the latest updates.

Don’t fret because our servers come equipped with the newest hardware that promises a big potential performance. You will enjoy a seamless gaming experience without having to worry about the newer features that need more processing power.

Excellent Support Service

Hosting a gaming server is super easy and simple for our company. But there are times when the settings of the customer server bring complications. So, to tackle and troubleshoot this problem, our customer service is present 24/7 for you.

You will receive all the assistance that you need to fix these issues. You can start by emailing our team or even calling us from the contact section page. We don’t work with delays and reply to you at the earliest with all the available solutions. Our main goal here is nothing but pure customer satisfaction.

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Why Use Cloud Hosting for Secret Laboratory servers?

We encourage you to use our SCP: Secret Laboratory cloud hosting as it is effective and affordable. Running a dedicated server will amount up to thousands of dollars, and it also requires a power back-up 24/7. It also takes up a lot of electricity, and the maintenance level is pretty high. Also, once the loading capacity reaches its maximum limit, there will be instability in the server.

You will require security software high-quality for PC protection. Plus, an advanced version of the DDoS firewall is also a must for preventing the attacks.

Our SCP: Secret Laboratory cloud server hosting can tackle and handle all types of attacks. It can be from spammers, hackers, or other inconveniences. The hosting of the gaming server is affordable and reliable. You will be able to relax and play while the staff takes care of all of your work.

This superior network will offer the best high-end performance. You will witness an uptime of 99.9%, and all of your saved files will be safe and secure. You can start inviting your friends and team members for fun-filled gameplay without interruptions.

Players will stay protected on this server at all times. None of these outside hacking attacks will be able to get through our security software. Players will receive notifications from our server and also monitor their servers at any time.

Start installing utilities, mods, and also explore other exciting features. Video games such as SCP: Secret Laboratory fits for game server hosting. You will find custom mods, multiple maps, competitive play, and also enjoy addictive gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the minimum rental period?

Once a user decided to pay for the server, a user should keep in mind that the minimum duration of server hosting is 30 days.

Will my server always be online?

Yes, we have a staggering uptime of 99.99%.

Can I change to another game later?

Absolutely! You can change at anytime to one of the other games we offer such as FiveM, CSGO or Rust.