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Now is the chance for you to obtain premium hosting for your Satisfactory server with Maximal Hosting.

Our team promises you a lag-free server hosting at the lowest prices possible. We encourage you to join our cost-effective and superior gaming network now.

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Satisfactory steam game hosting

Rent An Affordable Game Server by Maximal Hosting

Are you in the mood for playing a simulation type of game like “Satisfactory” with your friends and team members? Well, you can by renting our Satisfactory server hosting now at an affordable price tag.

With its effective hardware and professional gaming experience, you will game like never before. The last thing you would want while playing Satisfactory is to compete with toxic teammates and have performance issues.

Start hosting your game with us and enjoy this 1st person factory building & open-world exploration game with your team members. You can start practicing or get straight to real gameplay with your friends.

Maximal Hosting helps deliver a fast-paced performance at all times. There won’t be any problems while playing with your team from anywhere in the world. A zero-performance drop is what you need now in gameplay.

Why Choose us For Your Satisfactory Server?

Our team at Maximal Hosting is going to provide you with the best gameplay experience. At Maximal Hosting, our staff offers outstanding services at the most affordable prices for all the players. You can play Satisfactory, like never before.

There is going to be trustworthy security software and a top-performance system all at flexible pricing.

DDoS Protection

All the players, would want a server that doesn’t lag at all, especially when it is about online gaming. DDoS attacks are prevalent on two servers, i.e., official company servers or a 3rd party server. During these attacks, the server will face issues with its performance and lead to a server shutdown.

Lackluster server performance is the last thing that any gamer would want during online gameplays. Our systems at Maximal Hosting comes equipped with advanced security software. We also have an effective firewall for mitigating DDoS attacks. It ensures fun and smooth gameplay experience.

Reliable Back-Ups

Our main priority revolves around keeping your gameplay progress safe. Back-up of the server is going to happen every day. Our team will keep your server’s status in check to prevent any instability and data loss. It allows our users to game in peace, knowing that all of their data is safe and secure with us.

Plus, the players can easily restore the back-ups at any time if they are interested in rerolling.

99% Server Uptime

You need to keep your server active while hosting your games. Why? Because it ensures flexibility in all locations. At Minimal hosting, we ensure an impressive server uptime of 99.9%, accompanied by a low downtime. Now you can partake in active gameplay across all locations by inviting all your friends.

You and your friends can play at any time of the day without having to worry about your server.

System Upgrades

We are frequent with our system upgrades for providing maximum performance. Nowadays, games are evolving continuously and becoming more demanding over time.

We are continuously updating our server with the newest updates to meet all the gaming potential and market demand. But with Maximal Hosting, you don’t have to fret about the newer elements that need a larger processing unit.

Excellent Support Service

Hosting the game is easy and simple with us. However, some custom server settings tend to bring complications at times. Our customer service is present 24×7 to guide you in assessing and fixing all of your problems at the earliest.

You can email us the issue or also directly speak with us. Our team is very responsive to our replies and cares about nothing but your satisfaction.

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Hosting Features

At Maximal Hosting, we provide an array of features for your Satisfactory server. They include:

Instant Set-Up

You can set-up the server quickly in just a few minutes. After you place the order, the server will come prepared at the earliest, and your transaction will also be successful.

You can start playing by logging in to your account and installing all the programs. The programs are going to start with the setting at default. But you can decide to manually customize the setting later on in the game.

Low Latency Ping

As a player, nothing compares to the feeling of playing with your team members in a smooth top-performing environment. Our superior network helps all of our users to enjoy smooth gameplay at all times. It helps prevent lagging, and you will be able to stream all of your games with ease. You won’t come across any delays during the intense gameplay.

Also, the players can easily switch between different server locations without delays at any time of the day. As we are well aware that games such as Satisfactory requires a consistent network service to play.

You can’t risk building crucial components and also defend yourself against enemies with a slow network. Every millisecond is going to matter while you are competing against team members.

Flexible Upgrades

There is no need for players to fret over server engagements anymore. Once you rent our Maximal Hosting server, you will be able to easily upgrade and downgrade your server. With just a few simple clicks, you will be able to upgrade your entire system.

Our team offers flexible distribution in memory accompanied by a wide range of plans. There isn’t going to be any room left for less engagement and overloaded capacity.

Reliable FTP

With the feature of FTP present here, you will be able to transfer all of your files with ease. Importing and exporting files from your server is convenient because of this feature. The files may consist of saved data, utilities, mod files, and tools. It gives you the power to control and handle your server while exploring the possibilities.

You will also be able to have no limitations in terms of experiments and work without disturbances. Plus, you will be able to upload and also download without issues.

Easy Installations

Satisfactory provides a wide range of possibilities, such as designs, mods, games, and custom maps. The game enables you to have easy modifications for allowing players to explore in a wider engagement.

Plus, our servers come with pre-configured default settings for supporting modifications and also the other extensions. You will be able to install any file of your choice with ease.

Automatic Updates

Our system notifies you of the updates and also installs it automatically. Don’t worry about receiving the newest updates for your game. This system helps you get the job done at the earliest.

You have the option of picking the automatic updates option or manually letting the system update it. It all depends on your liking and convenience.

Unlimited Data Storage

Despite possessing a superior network, you may witness overloading and performance issues as you are hosting your server on the dedicated servers. Our brand provides a large networking capacity for taking care of major scale network traffic.

You can easily rely on our high-speed network as you are hosting the games with us. There will be a zero-performance drop in the data traffic. Now you will be able to witness a superior gameplay environment.

Server Customization

You can start hosting your server with the rival servers. Here, you have full control, and it comes equipped with multiple customizations. Now you will be able to game with your team members and friends without any interruptions. The freedom you will feel using this server in the gameplay will offer a truly amazing experience.

Switch Games

The players can switch to a different game once they get bored of playing the same game. Only a few simple steps are required for switching between the games here on our server.

You can host any game of your choice without having to rent a new server. This way, players will be able to enjoy more games without wasting money. We offer hosting for games like Terraria, Minecraft, CSGO and much more.

Why Use Satisfactory Game Cloud Hosting?

The answer is as simple as it gets! It offers top-level performance and is available for purchase at a low price.

Running a dedicated server is no joke. Why? Well. Because you will have to splurge thousands of dollars. Plus, the server needs to operate 24×7 with the support of back-up power. It will consume a lot of your electricity, and the maintenance is super high and standard.

The loading capacity might also reach the maximum limit and lead to instability. Customers need software of high-quality to keep their PC safe.

Plus, an advanced firewall of DDoS is also needed to prevent the attacks. Satisfactory cloud hosting can handle all types of threats from spammers and hackers. Game server hosting is also reliable and affordable.

Players can relax while the brand is doing all the work. Players will be able to run their servers comfortably by enjoying flawless gaming at maximum performance with this superior network. The back-up of their entire data is available, and there is an attractive uptime of 99.9%.

You can invite and play with all of your friends without any interference. Your game is going to stay protected at all times with our server. How? Because our system comes equipped with all the necessary features to prevent any hacks and spamming.

You can receive notifications about the updates and also monitor the server at any time of the day. Now is the time to install the utilities and mods to explore all the possibilities of games. Games like Satisfactory is fitting for hosting as it provides custom mods, addictive gameplay, competitive play, and numerous maps.

Learn More About Satisfactory

The Protagonist, AKA, the player, is an engineer that goes to an alien planet through a landing pod. He has orders from the FICSIT organization to colonize this planet by constructing a factory complex on the planet. There are four locations to start from for the player.

They include the Grasslands, the Northern Forest, the Rocky Desert, and the Dune Desert. It affects the resource availability that the gamer has an easy permit to and the number of flatlands for constructing factories.

After the player lands, he starts building the hub by using the parts from the crash pod. He starts building from the primary location, where most of the other construction they create extends.

The player expands the hub and its growth from one tier to another by offering specific elements. The creation of most of these components/elements are from local resources like plant materials and ores. The player gathers them with the help of hand tools.

They utilize crafting equipment back in the hub for making new equipment and tools. And, they proceed to use these tools for producing the new components. After the hub gets all the supply of the required components, it expands to the next tier. It offers the player more options for construction with newer goals. At first, a big part of the construction will be by the player’s hand and him traversing directly to the resources for gathering them. It will then proceed to the stations for creating the gear.

But as the player starts unlocking newer equipment, most of these procedures could be automated by introducing the power systems. It includes nuclear power plants, automated resource gathering automation, and transports such as conveyor belts.

Here, the main objective of the game for the player is to construct enough parts. He will need to build sufficient parts for building a space elevator and all the phases of the mystical project assembly.

Apart from constructing the automation to create these parts, there are other important things that the players need to know. Along the way, they should be able to survive the planet’s toxic and hazardous nature. It includes the flora and also the fauna present in the environment of this foreign planet.

Alongside the equipment, the players can also forage and create numerous defensive elements and weapons in the game. There are many elements in the game that all the players should be aware of.

Doesn’t this Steam game sound like a lot of fun? Rent your own Satisfactory server today and get started!

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