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RUST isn’t just a survival game; it also features flexibility and diverse game modes that’ll keep you interested. Since Rust doesn’t require you to install any extra features to play mod games, you can instantly join any lobby. And play a diverse choice of games. RUST makes a perfect game for hosting a server with us to enjoy the smooth gaming experience with your friends or community. Games that allow modding makes a perfect playground for developers and mod lovers, you can mod games and experiment with your friends.

Rust Server Hosting Features

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Our servers are equipped with high-performance hardware, capable of delivering a smooth and lag-free experience. Play your favorite game without performance issues, with the latest high-performance processing power and 24/7 active servers. Upgrade without any hassle; it just takes a few clicks to expand your server capacity. You can choose to extend your RAM capacity instantly with ease.

Quick Set-up

Register yourself and choose the package you want, the server will be set up with few minutes right after you’ve been successfully authorized. You have full control over the server with extensive possibilities of customizations. You can use the default set-up or customize your server as you wish.

Unlimited traffic

Even with maxed out players on your server, play without a performance drop. Our advanced traffic management system provides a consistent flow of data in the networking links for seamless gaming. Invite your friends to your server and enjoy the smooth gaming experience.

Instant Backup

Back up your saved game files and reroll to the previous state anytime. With the back-up feature, you no longer have to worry about your progress in your game, continue from any saved back-up. Your game progress is securely stored on your server.


We offer affordable server hosting services for all kinds of budget. Either you are planning for a considerable capacity server or basic hosting services; we ensure the price stays in the affordable zone for all types of gamers. You don’t have to worry about paying too much for game hosting, and our service offers premium quality server hosting with reasonable pricing.

DDoS Protected

Our DDoS protection uses advanced software to monitor incoming traffic to prevent DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are especially common on game server hosting, and it drastically affects your server performance. Any heavy attacks can lead to difficulties in accessing the game server. DDoS attacks are dangerous, especially when you have to build up a good amount of regular users. Denial of service due to traffic overload can discourage your followers or active players. You can host games with us without worries from performance or networking issues.

Why choose us for your Rust server?

Our services offer top quality services and deliver excellent performance with reasonable price. Securely play your games without worries and experience gaming with low-ping latency.

Host and rent a Rust server with us and experience quality gaming, we are dedicated to giving the best service. Why take the trouble of building $1000 server computer with when you can host your games comfortably at a cheap amount? You don’t have to worry about maintenance or spend thousands of dollars on a game hosting server. Register your account with few clicks and get started. It has never been more comfortable with automatic configurations to give you optimal performance. Play on while we take care of everything for you.


We provide 24/7 customer support service to assist you on any issues. We instantly reply messages on email and feel free to call us anytime if problems persist. We will find the quickest solutions to solve any issues and troubleshoot problems at the earliest. In case you need assistance in setting up servers, our team of expert technicians will help you resolve any issues at any given time.

Hardware updates

We are dedicated to providing the best experience as you game with us. Games need constant hardware upgrades to run at an optimal setting. We change and upgrade hardware gradually when we see the requirements getting higher as game updates offer newer features. We make sure your game with the maximum potential your game has to offer. As you host with us, you’ll never be held back due to performance issues.

Secure backup

Even as you forget to back-up your game progress, the server back-up happens every day; you can relax and continue gaming without losing any data. If you need access to your backups, simply contact us with your customer number and we’ll help you get your Rust server back and running as soon as possible.

Region coverage

We cover all the major areas across all the regions. Easily access your game server from any regions without networking problems. Invite every user from across the globe and game seamlessly.

Game updates

Host games without hassle, our system will notify you on any game updates. We will have your games updated automatically anytime a new game update is released. Relax and play the latest updates without worrying about getting the most recent updates of your game.

Switch between games

If you are bored with your game, you can ship your server between other available games instantly. You don’t have to worry about renting a new server. Enjoy the freedom of gaming with us, explore more games, and find the most comfortable game for you to host.

What’s Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer online survival game developed and published by Facepunch Studios in 2018. The game underwent through beta test for many years before it was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. The game first appeared as a replica of DayZ standalone, a remastered Mod of the popular Arma 2. Rust is frequently compared with other survival games, and it enjoyed a tremendous amount of player numbers since the early beta access. Rust is commonly described as the combination of both Minecraft and DayZ. During its early access, the game sold over five million copies. Rust is among the most played games on Steam, and it managed to maintain a good amount of player base.


If you love survival games and you’re ready for some extreme challenges and grind, RUST is the perfect game for you. Wake up in the immersive world of RUST – naked with only stones and torch, where you battle to survive against other players and AI enemies. Much like any survival games, Rust is also packed tons of craft-able items and weapons. Build your base, set traps, mine, and gather resources, salvage items, and fight your way thought the harsh world of the Rust. Unlike other survival games, RUST features one of the harshest survival games you’ll find. The diverse world of Rust not only offers a rich environment with interactive objects, but it also has the most alluring landscapes. The beautiful world is covered with bright, colorful skies and realistic graphics, making the experience more intense.

Health, Hunger & Hydration

Regularly check on your health, hunger and hydration bars, and strife to keep your body in perfect condition. As you slowly learn to gather resources and basic craft items, take a step forward and hunt for creatures and compete against other players to survive on the island. Stay alert and make every effort count as you never know what comes in your way. Dying isn’t an option in any survival game, equip yourself with the best weapons, and make haste as you craft or build.

Multiplayer CO-OP

RUST can also be played cooperatively; however, trust comes hard in survival games. You’ll be stabbed behind the back, fall into traps, or get looted. The items can take hours to craft, and losing the rare items can be punishing. Helicopters, wolves, and bears are as dangerous as other live players, run away or fight for survival. The gunfight experience can make your heart pound and make your spine chill.


The experience you get in RUSH can be one of a kind as you fight for survival. Team up with friends and build a stronghold, defend against raiders cooperatively. It is much easier when you have enough help from each other. Traversing through the wilderness of the island alone can give you a daunting experience, yet the grind will make it worth.

You can craft a diverse set of items and weapons from a fishing spear to modern assault rifles. Build strongholds with logs, stones or iron, raid other player’s base or defend yourself from wearing out. RUST is a full package survival game with immense possibilities.

Game modes

Many players like to play modded games like battle royale, deathmatch, hide and seek, etc. Playing the primary survival mode does not give you enough to adapt to battling. You’ll find tons of players inside modded games in shooting range, battle-arena, and deathmatch games. Zombie shooting has been quite a popular game in RUST. The game has never seen a lack of playable contents as it enjoys healthy modding communities contributing frequently.