Pre-Paid Risk of Rain 2 Server Hosting from $5

Playing games provide you with an escape from your hectic daily routine. But its effect becomes much more prominent when you play games with your friends!

With Risk of Rain 2 servers, you can easily create your server’s IP address and send it to your friends. They can use it to play the game alongside you, and it does not matter what their configuration is; they can play it at the same settings you’re playing.

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Risk of Rain 2 commando character

Risk of rain 2 is one of the most visually stunning shooter games out there. The 3D graphics paired with the dynamic and random levels makes way for fantastic gameplay.

But to fully enjoy the game, you need to set up a powerful gaming PC. Moreover, it would help if you played this game with your friends to get the full immersive feel.

This is where we come in handy; we offer you some of the best in class servers where you can play the game without any worries. On top of that, the servers are fully protected and have high customizability.

The best part is that you can get all of this starting just at $5! Therefore don’t wait any longer and start hosting your own server today.

What is Risk of Rain 2?

Risk of rain is the second installation to the game initially released in the year 2013. It initially started as a student project, and later on, it turned out so good that it was crowdfunded and released on multiple platforms.

It is a third-person shooting game where you need to fight off different creatures and bosses. You start with two pistols that you double wield, and as you progress, you get new weapons and items.

The levels are randomly created, and therefore, there is no exact process to win. You can play it alone or along with three other friends, plan out the attacks and go for the win!

With stunning visuals and comparatively hard boss fights, the game has the potential to keep you entertained for hours.

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Why Choose Maximal Hosting For Your Risk of Rain 2 Server?

Maximal Hosting exists to provide you with a fantastic gaming experience at a highly affordable price. While using our servers, you won’t have any complaints.

No matter which game you throw at us, our servers have the potential to run them at the maximum possible settings. Besides this, our servers have many other features that make them unique at a price of just $5.

Seamless setups and updates:

One of the main features of our servers is the automated services that we provide. First of all, setting up the games within our servers is a straightforward job. You neither need to be a coding expert nor be a genius to carry it out.

All you need to do is purchase and download Risk of Rain 2 from steam on your computer. After that, you can install it easily with some clicks onto our server. Then create a new IP address and share it among your friends so that they can join you in the quest!

Furthermore, all of us at Maximal Hosting know the pain of updating games on a server. We have to take care of that by developing and installing automated systems on our servers.

These automated systems scan and search for updates and install them whenever they arrive. Therefore, you don’t need to keep an eye on the updates or go through the tedious process of updating the apps by yourself.

Tons of customization:

Our servers are known to have one of the highest levels of customizability. The degree of customizability has little to no boundaries. You can change almost every aspect of the game.

But you can only do this if the game supports the feature. Because of the integrated FTP service, you can easily add new features, new elements, and other stuff to the game.

Free FTP integration:

FTP integration is one of those features that open a whole new set of possibilities to the consumer. With an FTP enabled server, you can drag and drop files to the server without the need to execute long commands.

At times, this feature gets left out, which causes many problems from the user’s end. Therefore we included this feature for free at no extra cost.

With FTP enabled, all you need to do is collect the necessary files for modifying the game and copy it to the respective directories within the server. Achieving high levels of personalization has never been easier before.

Supreme performance and security:

To give you the best possible gaming experience, we have rigged our servers with the best possible hardware so that your game doesn’t skip a single frame. From the latest CPUs to GPUs to immense RAM expansion capabilities, we have got you covered.

Furthermore, we use the latest iterations of SDDs and RAMs so that the experience does not become sluggish. Baking all this up is our fantastic team of engineers who make sure that the servers never go down.

As you all know, a fantastic server is no good if it is not secure. Therefore we have installed some of the best systems to detect and protect the servers from DDoS or Distributed Denial of Systems attacks.

Enjoy endless hours of gaming without worrying about any disturbance or security issues from the server’s end!

Maximal Hosting tries to provide you with the best quality support to back up the high-quality servers. Therefore if you face any issues, all you need to do is contact us, and we will guide you in any way possible.

Everything becomes easy when you use Maximal Hosting servers from installing games, taking backups, changing servers, and more. Therefore stop worrying and get yourself a server by choosing any one of our subscriptions.
The subscriptions start from $5 a month. If you like our services, you can upgrade to costlier plans whenever you want.