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Sometimes you just need to relax and delve into the world of horror video games. So, why not take a trip down the land of the dead with this popular zombie installation. Start hosting a Night of the dead server with Maximal Hosting. This premium dedicated hosting will give you a whole new level of gaming experience like never before.

We support Night of the dead server hosting for all of our customers. You won’t just witness an unmatched performance but also obtain it at a cheap price tag. Hosting a Night of the dead server is so much easier and simple with our site. Players can simply pick a package and begin gaming right away.

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Be prepared to witness high-end game server performance

You have to know that the Night of the dead isn’t just a game of killing and survival. This game also consists of varying game modes and flexibility that keeps the player interested. Players can immediately join any of the lobby because they don’t ask you to install additional features for playing mod games. So, you get to partake in a diverse pick of games.

Night of the dead is a perfectly fitting game when it comes to hosting a server with us. You get to enjoy playing with your friends, team members, or even fans easily.

The games that enable modding act as the ultimate playground for the developers and also the mod lovers. The players will be able to mod their games and experiment with their friends and the gaming community.

Night of the Dead Server Hosting Features

Here are some of the important hosting features for your game – Night of the dead. They are as follows:


Our servers tend to come equipped with hardware of high performance. They are very much capable of providing a lag-free and smooth gaming environment. The players will be able to play their favorite games without having to worry about performance issues. It comes with a new processing power that is top-performing.

And this server also remains active 24×7 without any hindrances. The upgrading process is hassle-free, and it just requires a few simple clicks for expanding the server’s capacity. You have the option to expand the capacity of your RAM quickly with ease.

Quick Set-Up

Now, you need to self-register and pick the package of your choice. Here, it will take a few minutes to set up the server after you are successfully authorized. Now you have complete control and power over the server.

There are multiple possibilities when it comes to customizing it. Plus, you could also utilize the default set-up setting or customize the server according to your preference.

Unlimited Traffic

Yes, you might have maxed out gamers present in your server. But you can still play the game without a drop in performance. At Maximal Hosting, our traffic management system is quite advanced. It helps offer a consistent data flow within networking links that help support a seamless gaming experience. You can invite all of your friends to enjoy this experience with you.

Instant Backup

It is very much possible to back up all your files of the saved game. And you can easily reroll back to the previous one anytime. Having a backup feature eliminates the worry of losing your game progress. So, it won’t be the case anymore with this server at Maximal Hosting.

Players will be able to easily continue from the last checkpoint in the game. They just have to pick the last saved file and load it. All of your gaming progress is present safely in your server.


We provide affordable services of server hosting at different budget plans. Players may be looking for a basic hosting server or a server with a considerable amount of capacity. Our team ensures that the price is always going to remain affordable at all times.

We are not going to charge you anything more than the required price. At Maximal Hosting, we always fight for the best prices for our customers. Come and get your premium server hosting at reasonable pricing.

DDoS Protection

We use advanced software for monitoring the incoming traffic headed our way. It is important as it does a great job of preventing DDoS attacks. The DDoS attacks are not uncommon in the gaming server hosting at all. Plus, they affect the performance of your server drastically. Heavy attacks could cause issues in accessing your gaming server.

These attacks are dangerous and long-lasting, especially when you are gathering a decent number of daily users. Service denial as a result of overloading in traffic tends to discourage your active players and followers.

You will be able to host any game with us and stop worrying about networking and performance issues.

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Night of The Dead PC game

Why Choose Us for Your Night of the Dead Server?

Our services provide top-level features and deliver a promising performance. You will be able to obtain all the fun, exciting features at a cheap price tag too. Now is the chance to securely partake in your games and keep the worries aside. Also, be prepared to have a unique gaming experience accompanied by low-ping latency.

Host and start renting a Night of the dead server with Maximal Hosting for quality gaming. Our team of professional members is ready to provide you with the best services.

You don’t have to go through the trouble of constructing a $1000 server PC. Why go through all the trouble when there is a cheaper alternative at stake?

Also, there isn’t a need to worry about the server’s maintenance. And you don’t have to spend thousands on your hosting server for games. It only requires you to make a few simple clicks for registering your account.

All the automatic configurations make it so much comfortable for you and deliver optimal performance. You can continue playing and keep the rest of the work for us.


Our customer service offers services 24×7 to correct all of your issues. At Maximal Hosting, we instantly reply to all of your messages. It doesn’t matter if it’s an email or a phone call; we have your back.

We are diligent in locating the problem at its core and bringing solutions earliest for all of our customers. Our team of professional technicians is also here to assist you in setting up your server. Delayed fixes are something that we stay clear from.

Hardware Updates

Games require constant upgrades in hardware for running in an ideal setting. Our team customizes and upgrades the hardware as the game comes out with newer updates.

We move and grow according to the requirement of the game updates. Our team is interested in helping you reap the maximum potential from the game. Once you start hosting with us, there is no room for lackluster performances.

Secure Backup

Here at Maximal Hosting, the server is backing up regularly. So, you don’t have to fret when you forget to back up your gaming progress. Players can easily game and move ahead without having to worry about losing data. Plus, if you need to access any of the backups, you can easily contact our support team.

We will be more than happy to get back all the saved files of the Night of the dead. You can expect it at the earliest with no delays.

Region Coverage

Our company covers all the main areas in multiple different regions. You will be able to access your gaming server from just about any region around the world. There isn’t going to be any networking problems when you are playing the games. Your friends, families, and team members will be able to access your server from all across the globe.

Game Updates

Now, you won’t come across any hassle with hosting games. Our system is going to notify you of all the game updates that you need. Whenever there is a new game update, our system will make sure to update it automatically. You will be able to relax and enjoy all the newest updates at the earliest.

Remember that when you come across a new game update, our server will automatically take care of it. You can set the settings to either manual or automatic, depending on your liking and convenience.

Switch Between Games

There will come a time when you get bored by playing the same game on a continuous loop. So, if you get tired of playing Night of the dead, you can instantly switch to a brand-new game.

There isn’t a need for you to rent a brand-new server. You will be able to enjoy the freedom and the unique gameplay experience present in different games. So, make sure to locate the next big game and start hosting it at the earliest.

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What’s Night of the Dead?

Night of the Dead is a horror zombie survival game that has been garnering a lot of popularity in the gaming community lately. The game centers around Lucy, who is the main protagonist in the game. Lucy instantly wakes up after a human experiment in a zombie-infested city.

There are zombies everywhere in her vicinity. The key objective here is to survive the pandemic with other survivors. Lucy must battle waves of zombies now and then. Plus, she has to communicate with the other bands of survivors properly. They have to work collectively and plan on escaping this isolated area of zombies.


Here are some of the main key pointers in the game. Players need to be aware of these pointers for a successful gameplay experience. They are as follows:You have to explore and survive a large interactive island that is filled with zombies.

Players need to construct and upgrade their bases by utilizing materials from trees, stone mining, and artifacts collection.Food is obtainable by farming and also hunting.

You can cook and eat the food.You also need to create fortresses and also traps for keeping check of the zombie movements. In this way, you will be able to defend the waves of zombies that come your way.

Gathering numerous items such as costumes and weapons are important while you are searching for the house.The players need to make multiple equipment and items by crafting. It will help them survive the extreme zombie-infested environment.

You need to locate clues via the journals. It will help you escape the island and win the game.

Multiplayer CO-OP

Players can easily join their team members and friends for playing online CO-OP. There is a support of up to four participants, but they can also choose to play alone.

The players will require every single advantage that they can get in defeating the savage zombie hordes. Lucy needs to explore the entire area for collecting resources. She also needs to hack and also slash her entire way to victory before time runs out.

You will find a tutorial that will show how the mechanics function at the start of the game. However, once the tasks are over, they are completely on their own. The players need to come up with a solid strategy if they want to escape that area.


Players will have to break down all the items present on the map for locating resources. It can be anything from trees to crates till cars. You can even find hidden weapons in the buildings, or you could make them by collecting materials. Important weapons like the ax help Lucy in harvesting materials for craft and also defend her fortress.

Once the players finish crafting the table of equipment production, it will be possible for them to make more complex weapons. You need to craft multiple weapons for filling up your inventory. Why? Because you will need them once you come across a wave of bloodthirsty zombies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of renting Night of The Dead Servers?

The prices start from $4.90/month.

What's the minimum rental period?

Once a user decided to pay for the server, a user should keep in mind that the minimum duration of server hosting is 30 days.

Will my server always be online?

Yes, we have a staggering uptime of 99.99%.

Can I change to another game later?

Absolutely! You can change at anytime to one of the other games we offer such as SCP: Secret Laboratory, CSGO or Rust.