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Most fans of sandbox games will agree that Minecraft is and will always be one of the favorites. Even though there are dozens of other titles that try to replicate Minecraft’s brilliant design, it remains a classic.

Such a vibrant and expansive game depends a lot on the reliability of the server you use. That’s precisely why Maximal Hosting provide you with server hosting that is specifically designed for Minecraft.

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Generic servers with inferior specs will prevent you from enjoying the game. These problems can range from lagging, low load capacities, or unreliable uptime. With Maximal Hosting, we take care of all these issues by providing top-of-the-line hardware that supports your game from start to end.

Our Minecraft servers are enhanced with security measures that give you an added layer of protection. Say goodbye to lag and server issues, because you’ll be enjoying smooth-sailing hosting when you sign up with Maximal Hosting.

What’s Minecraft?

What is Minecraft, you ask? It’s only the most impressive sandbox game ever to grace the personal computers of gamers worldwide. Minecraft is creativity and expression, exploration and learning; building and deconstructing.

These and a hundred other verbs cannot cover the infinite universe that awaits you when you enter the world of Minecraft.

Simply put, it’s the rearrangement and utilization of blocks to build and create. Every mineral, tool, weapon, terrain, character, etc. is made of blocks that make up the whole Minecraft universe.

You can get lost in the endless ways in which the game allows you to create and explore. This unique combination of simplicity and infinite possibilities is what makes the game so unique.

At Maximal Hosting, we share the passion for this timeless game, and we’ve set out to offer the best servers to host this game.

When you rent our Minecraft servers, we want you to experience the best possible way in which Minecraft can be organized. Take a look at the advantages you get when you ride with us!

Minecraft server hosting that performs!

Our servers are all lined with high-performance processors that provide you seamless access over your network. Individual processors are all tested and inspected for core performance before being rented out.

All hardware is regularly upgraded with the best features whenever available. This gives you access to the latest tech at best possible prices! Your Minecraft game deserves reliable hardware and optimized servers. And that is what we at Maximal Hosting seek to provide.

Rent your own Minecraft server now

Specially Configured for Minecraft

All our hardware is carefully configured based on Minecraft. This implies that your Minecraft servers will be correctly structured to handle the requirements of your Minecraft game. This approach is applied to all our other games too. We don’t want you to waste time on servers that cannot hold up your game when you’re enjoying it with your friends. Instead, we’d want you to focus only on your game, without worrying about server problems and hosting issues.

We believe that these games can only be truly appreciated when played under the right settings and the appropriate infrastructure. It’s our responsibility to provide these structures to you (through our servers). All you have to do is lie back, relax, make a few clicks on our site, and start playing!

A control panel that simplifies life

With our control panel, you’re guaranteed to get appropriate access to all the right features. No unnecessary buttons and confusing layouts. We keep it minimal and straightforward while retaining all the core features.

Our interface is designed to give a user-friendly experience and easy management of your game. You won’t be bothered by excessive design modules or redundant design layouts. It’s simple, gets the job done, and gives you additional advantages that you won’t find elsewhere.

Rent your own Minecraft server now

Manage Features & Mods

The control panel is a core feature when it comes to managing and accessing the different elements of your game. With Minecraft, sometimes you have to manage various features and operate different mods of the game. Our control panel makes all of these much easier compared to other products.

With our services, you get a comprehensive system. With exceptional hardware in the server rooms, the control panel gives you the added advantage of seamlessly supervising and controlling the different aspects of the game.

Minecraft character with headset

Prompt and personal customer support

At Maximal Hosting, we are big believers of work ethic and providing timely services to our customers. For us, this goes beyond hardware and software. It includes big and small ways in which we can cater to your requirements through technical and customer support.

Our approach to customer service is simple: Keep it real, honest, and straightforward. At Maximal Hosting, we take our customer service with the utmost care and dedication. And it is very often reflected in the way our first-time clients become customers for a lifetime. When you sign up with us, we offer this same commitment and dedication to you and your gaming experience.

This means we don’t just greet you with social niceties; we’re actually interested in your issues. Once you call, we get our communication experts to soak in every detail of what you say, and then get to work. Your solution may come from the technical guys, the software experts, or our customer reps, depending on your situation. This just goes to show that we take a hands-on approach to our customer interactions. Everyone is involved, and the whole point is to make it as easy and helpful for you as possible.

DDOS Protection and security

Our servers are all enforced with DDOS protection and security protocols that ensure that no harm comes to you or your systems. When we boost our security layers, it doesn’t just protect you; it protects us too. It’s a win-win approach for everyone involved when the safety and security of the servers are properly maintained.

You’ll be glad to know that when we consider safety, we look at all the possible threats that can possibly happen. This means we carry out security measures that are designed to tackle potential issues before they even occur. This is done on a ‘Detect and Mitigate’ basis. With this approach, potential trouble-areas are taken care of before they turn into actual liabilities.

Security measures include automated protection suites that continuously monitor and check the systems. These computerized systems run on the clock and are up 24×7. An additional layer of security s provided via manual monitoring. This involves security experts assessing our systems for vulnerabilities. It keeps your servers from becoming vulnerable threats that are looming online.

Data Centers Worldwide

Our data centers are located in all the major regions of the world so that you can easily get connected to our servers. When you sign up to Maximal Hosting, your server is automatically chosen or configured depending on your location. Since we have server locations in different regions of the world, your hosting is connected to the nearest center.

The advantage of this system is that your server does not share the load with users from other parts of the world. This ensures that your game runs smoothly and without unnecessary hassles.

A general rule of thumb for server locations is that the further the distance, the slower your speed. At Maximal Hosting, we intend to bridge the gap between physical servers and our customers by connecting you to the nearest data center.

Less waiting time

One of the most annoying issues in server hosting is when you have to wait for hours just to see your game up and running. This can put a massive damper on you and your team.

We have structured our payment and processing routes in a way that will consume the least amount of time. All it takes is a few moments as you choose your plan, click, and select. Once you’re done, your server will be connected in no time, and you will be setting up your game in a few seconds.

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Backpack mod minecraft servers

Access to Minecraft mods

Mods are one of the best features of Minecraft. And no serious gamer worth his salt will ever ignore them. They come from the creative minds of the awesome Minecraft user-base and have added depth and vibrancy to an already great game. Most experts agree that Minecraft would not have garnered the following it has had it not been for mods.

Mods allow you to add all kinds of features that enhance your Minecraft experience. These may include new settings, admin features, unique attributes, new characteristics, etc. At Maximal Hosting, we want you to experience your gaming with the full range of possibilities. To this end, all servers support the mod packs for Minecraft. The intention here is to allow you the freedom to choose and install the kind of mods that you want.

How to Install Modpacks on your Server

The most liberating aspect of Minecraft is the wide range of variety and freedom you get in the mods and addons. Now, these mods are mostly designed and created by the user-base. This means there’s a ton of creativity out there that is continually creating new content for the game. It’s been over a decade since Minecraft was released, and today there are thousands of mod packs out there. And most of these mods have been ingeniously designed by players of the game who make it available for others. This is one of our favorite parts of the Minecraft Community. They are alive and ever-growing!

Minecraft server with custom mods

Occasionally, you may run into a dead-end or get stuck while trying to install a modpack if you aren’t too experienced. This is more frequent when you attempt to modify a map on a server because it takes up a lot of resources. Other times, you may have trouble with your memory when the task takes up a lot of space on your server. Either way, it can be very frustrating when you can’t get the mod pack to install or work properly.

No worries! We’ve put together this insightful bit, to help you easily navigate through the installation.

1. Choose your mod and download it

The first thing you need to do is look for the kind of mod you want and download it. Sometimes this is easier said than done, because of the thousands of options that are available online. But a little browsing should be all it takes to narrow down on your choice of the mod. Other times, you can stumble on new mods when you’re browsing the lists. You’re more likely to find them through the second method because new mods are often updated daily.

Once you find the mod you want, carefully go through the requirements of the mod so that you know precisely which pack you’re downloading. For example, certain mods may require you to install other tools or software before they can work. In these cases, you save more time by knowing what tools you need to have ready before you begin the installation. Generally, mod packs usually come in zipped archives that you can download.

If you’ve selected the mod, look for the server download function on the website. You’ll need to get the version that is suited to your server. So, click on the server version on the list, and you should see the file downloading automatically. Once the files are downloaded, go ahead and unzip the files so that you can run the mudpack. When you run the mudpack, it’s not to install, but to check if there are any files corrupt or missing. If there are no error messages or windows, it means the mudpack is good to go.

2. Create a jar folder

Once the file is ready for use, you can create the jar folder. To set up the jar file, just create a new empty folder and rename it to ‘jar.’ Once this folder is created, your jar file will need to have three essential elements.

  • The first file is the main .jar file. You’ll need this file for the mod pack to be functional. Any other mods will also require you to have the necessary .jar file.
  • Next is the Forge .jar file. Your system will need this file to run Forge on your server properly.
  • A folder which you can rename as ‘Library.’ This folder will house all the files you need to run Forge and set up the mod pack on your server. So, this folder is a crucial element in the setup process.

The good news here is that most mod packs come with these three elements already prepared. So if you’ve correctly downloaded the mod pack, you should already have them. In this case, just move these three files and folder into the jar folder.

3. Installing the mod

The actual installation starts now, and it’s arguably the most critical step (assuming you’ve downloaded the correct files). The installation process is like instructing your server on which jar file to run and how to run it. You’ll need an FTP client (usually 3rd party software) to install the mod pack correctly. Some popular FTP clients include Transmit, FileZilla, Free FTP, CyberDuck, etc. Go for whatever you’re already using, no issues here.

Open and runt he FTP client, and go to the folder where you’ve stored the files in the previous step. You should make sure that your server is not running any past versions or files while this is done. Check and close any funning files so that your mod pack can be installed without interference from other resources.

Once this is cleared, go and select all the content in the folder. Then, move it to the relevant section of your server (usually the home directory). It may take some time for the files to finish transferring, depending on the size of the mod and the data you downloaded.

To make sure that your server knows which jar to run, go to the Server Details section and find the text box. Click the text box and enter the name of the Forge .jar file for it to appear. Once done, click on the save button so that your server remembers the selection.

4. Initialize the mod pack

We’re almost done. Once the files are transferred, go to the control panel. Here, we’ll start the server and let the new mod pack begin its initialization.

When the server is started, you should see the mod pack initializing. This is because the process is automated, and it triggers when you run the server. You should see a display window/screen that shows you the progress of the continuous output. Once initialized, there are two possible responses you’ll see on your screen. If it shows ‘Start-up successful’ or ‘Start-up done,’ it means the installation is successful. Alternatively, it may display the ‘Server Console’ Checkbox.

When the console displays the ‘Done’ or ‘Successful’ message, it means the installation has been correctly done, and you’re ready to play.

Whenever you install a new mod pack, we recommend that you create and save a new world on your server. A lot of mod packs come with variations in generating worlds or spawning ores. Starting a new world allows your server to accommodate these variations from scratch. If you continue without starting a new world, you run the risk of incompatibility with the current settings. This will cause errors, and your mod pack won’t run properly. Before you restart, just add a new world on your server and click the save button.

Possible errors and related fixes

Following these instructions should more or less get you to install new mod packs correctly. But some mod packs can cause hiccups here and there if the files do not correspond well with your system. One of the most common problems with mod packs is the failure to download or install properly. A lot of times, this can be caused by your system’s firewalls that prevent the files from being accessed. Firewalls are usually automated so they can’t tell the difference between the files you want and the ones that are dangerous.

The easiest fix to this issue is to simply go to your security software or antivirus and temporarily disable it. Then, let download all the elements of the mod pack again with your antivirus disabled. Once downloaded and installed, you can re-enable your firewall or antivirus on the server/system.

Apart from minor issues like firewall access, there are other more severe and serious problems. Although these major issues rarely happen, we want to cover them just to make sure you get quality information.

The major issues you can face with new mod packs include server crashes or instances where the server refuses to start up. These more severe issues are usually caused wither by the mods or by the manner in which they were installed.

Either way, the best course of action to rectify these issues is to go through the following steps. These steps will ensure that you mitigate the problem without causing further harm to your server or your systems.

  • Find out why the errors are persisting. When you run the console, any errors that exist usually pop up as messages to the user. Alternatively, you can also go to crash reports. Crash reports often give you codes or detailed reports on the problem.
  • To isolate the cause of the problem, you need to determine whether the error is from Forge. To do this, go to the tab named ‘files’ and open the /config/forge/cfg. file. If the error causing files are not present here, you can assume that Forge is not causing the error.
  • You can look for the ‘B:RemoveErrorinTileEntities = false.’ Here, you need to remove the last word, and replace it with the word, ‘true.’ This action should remove the file, which caused the error in the first place. Remember to save the file, before closing it again.
  • Next, change the setting to ‘false’ again ad restart your server. Your server should be back to normal with the mod pack installed and operational.

In most cases, though, errors of this magnitude do not happen. Even if they do, it may well be the corrupt mod pack. If this is the case, you’re better off downloading the files from a different source. But for other times, merely disabling and then re-enabling the mod pack can fix small errors that happen during initial start-ups.