Pre-Paid Journey of Life Server Hosting from $5

At Maximal Hosting, we strive to provide a lag free and fantastic gaming experience through our powerful servers. Our plans start from $5, considering the specs you’re offered, it’s a bargain!

Play games like Journey of Life and more with the best graphics quality and fantastic performance. Moreover, you can get all this and total server customizability starting at $5.

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What's Journey of Life?

‘Journey of life’ is a fun survival game with high-quality graphics and a sandbox framework. With a unique storyline, the game can keep things fun but challenge you.

Within the game, you are a person who has lost everything he had and decided to build everything from scratch. You will have four islands at your disposal, and each of them will offer its resources.

You will aim to build and travel to each of the islands and evolve. This game typically has a single player mode, but you can create a multiplayer mode and enjoy the game with your friends.

‘Journey of Life’ servers

At Maximal Hosting, we provide you with some of the best in class servers to host your Journey of Life game. Using this server, you can play the game with your friends, gather resources together, build together, and have fun.

When you use our servers, you don’t need to worry about lags, ping issues, and other bugs. Our servers have some of the best features that provide you with a hassle-free experience. To know more, carry on reading.

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Why Choose Maximal Hosting For Your Journey of Life Server?

Maximal Hosting has one goal in mind, providing you with the best in class performance and hassle-free operation at a low price. We use some of the highest-end configurations and best in class security to keep your data and game-play safe.

Below we have listed some of the main features which come along with our servers; you can go through them to know more:

Easy setup

Setting up your game within our servers is easy. Most of the installation is automated from our end. Therefore you need to buy the game from Steam, and within a few clicks, your server will be up and running with the default settings.

In conjunction with the game, you can also install different mods in conjunction. This lets you create an excellent game-play environment.

Fast & Easy Updates

When you’re running a game off a server, upgrading the game can become a tough job. We understand your issues and, therefore, have automated the process of upgrading your games.

Whenever we detect an update for your game, we automatically install it on your server. This keeps the game bug free and lets all of your friends enjoy the latest versions of the game.

Forget about keeping a check on updates; play the latest version of Journey of Life always!

Extreme performance

All of us at Maximal Hosting strive to provide you with the best possible performance. Therefore we couple our servers with the best CPUs and GPUs. Furthermore, we offer the option of expanding your RAM as well.

Enjoy the breathtaking visuals of Journey of Life on the highest possible settings without skipping a single frame.

Network and connectivity are the second significant aspect that affects your game-play, and we have got that front covered. You don’t have to complain about high pings again!

FTP enabled servers

Having FTP enabled within your server is no short of a blessing! Modding and customizing your game will become a piece of cake. All you’ll need to do is drag and drop some files, and you’re done.

Furthermore, you can backup and restore your game at any point in time. This makes switching between servers easy and hassle-free. The best thing is, we don’t charge you extra for this feature. Therefore use it however and whenever you want, without worrying about an increase in payments.

High-level customization

You can do all sorts of crazy stuff with the game if you install it on our servers. Using the FTP protocol, you can add new terrain, new elements, and new characters to the game.

This makes the game-play more intuitive, fun, and brings a unique experience. Furthermore, different plans provide you with a different number of slots. Therefore play with as many people as you want without any hiccups.

High-quality support

If you encounter an error, we have a support team to help you out at all times. It doesn’t matter what the issue is or what kind of service you need. We will settle it as quickly as possible.

With us, changing servers is a matter of sending one email. Furthermore, if your game supports it, we can change its playing modes as well! Enjoy your game to the fullest while being backed up by a high level of support.

Robust security

If you’re hosting a game server and letting other people in on it, there are high chances someone might try to create a problem. One of the most common attacks made on a gaming server is the DDoS attack.

DDoS, also known as a Distributed Denial of Service attack, tries to freeze the game for people connected to the server, thereby ruining the experience. We have installed some of the latest and best security firewalls to detect and fight off these attacks.

Therefore when using our servers, you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying the game.

While using Maximal Hosting servers, you stay up-to-date with your games and the latest server protocols. Furthermore, you can upgrade your plan to get more slots and powerful performance at any time.

Please don’t wait any longer; subscribe to our base plan and have a taste of our experience. After that, you can upgrade your plan at any time!