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We make sure that your server is optimized, secured, and configured to give you the best GMod hosting experience for you (and your friends).

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Garry’s Mod is an all-time favorite experience that goes beyond gaming. It stretches your imagination and nurtures your creativity as you explore the game more and more. We believe that you deserve only the best servers when you’re in GMod. Sign up with Maximal Hosting for unparalleled and unrivaled server hosting!

What’s Garry’s Mod?

If you haven’t already tried this game, Garry’s Mod (or GMod for short) is one of the most beautiful sandbox games out there. GMod allows you to create, experiment, spawn and build all sorts of stuff. Its physics engine ensures that normal gaming restrictions and objectives do not limit your character. In fact, in the sandbox mode, there are no objectives to speak of! You’re free to create and indulge in all sorts of crazy physics manipulation or fight/compete with other players too.

Created by Facepunch Studios, the game utilizes Havok engine (a physics engine for games). You won’t be surprised to know that GMod wasn’t a full-fledged game initially. That’s right! It was structured as a popular mod for the all-time classic FPS game, Half-Life 2. But it has evolved into a stand-alone game because of the freedom and limitless abilities it gives to players. All your creations in the game follow the in-game physics rules, so you’re free to explore different skills on a trial-and-error basis.

GMod’s performance relies a lot on the kind of server it is hosted on, especially the hardware available. At Maximal Hosting, we ensure that the server you hire is configured so that it gives you the best possible hosting experience. With or servers, you don’t have to worry about lagging and downtime because our team takes care of all security and performance parameters.

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Why Choose Maximal Hosting for Your GMod Server?

Simple and effective Control Panel

With our Control Panel, setting up your GMod game is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. The panel is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. And you’ll find that the interface is much easier to operate and manage compared to other services. We’ve intentionally kept the control panel easy-to-use and straightforward so that gamers of all levels can get access to it. You get easy management of all your players and resources on one panel, so you don’t have to worry about losing control of your game.

When you rent a server, active management is one of the top priorities for game hosts. And with Maximal Hosting, you get full liberty to manage and supervise your game hosting.

Budget Pricing

Even though our hardware and servers are top of the line, we keep our pricing low to ensure that everyone gets access to our services. GMod is a game that attracts both seasoned gamers as well as novices alike. This means the GMod community comes from a wide range of financial backgrounds. But we believe that money shouldn’t be an issue when you’re out to play your favorite game. This is we regularly revise our pricing structure to accommodate new entries as well as GMod vets.

Payment takes only a few seconds (depending on your internet connection). We accept all types of major cards for transactions. All it takes is a few clicks before your game is hosted and ready to play!

Multiple Server Locations

Our servers are located in all the major continents and regions of the world. When you sign up for our services, the first thing we do is optimize your connection with the data center that is best suited to your location. Having multiple data centers, we always find the one that will give you the best reception and most stable connection. A lot of hosting companies do not pay attention to the location of their servers, as long as they can manage. But here at Maximal Hosting we take utmost care in assigning new users to existing servers. Also, our data centers are continually being upgraded and expanded. This means our services are being extended to users in all the major regions of the world.

Superior and reliable hardware

Our servers and equipment are all top-of-the-line machinery that is designed to host GMod gaming. We do not use generic hardware that tries to host all types of games. Our servers are configured to match the requirements of your game. So when you opt for a GMod server, you can rest assured that it’s the best in the business! It can be a drag when your GMod server starts lagging or coughing up performance isssues in the middle of a game. We want to make sure that you don’t face any sort of issues. This is why our servers are all secured, monitored, and configured to the best settings.

Full security

Security of your server is one of our top priorities when you rent a server form us. Our servers are all enabled with DDOS Protection, so you don’t have to worry about your resources being attacked online. With the variety of online liabilities that exist today, we make sure that our security protocols are up-to-date and continuously in place. Your DDOS Protection will involve a combination of automated as well as manual monitoring applications. Our security experts are constantly vigilant of new threats and potential security issues. This continual monitoring policy allows us to mitigate and neutralize any possible online problems before they even happen.

GMod user support

At Maximal Hosting, we are big believers in exchange of ideas and information. So whenever you rent our GMod servers (or any other game’s), we offer unmatched customer service that is available 24 x 7! Our user support is not just for technical issues. We can provide information on any area of the game as long as we have the resources. Our customer support is designed to reinforce our whole approach of being centered on the customers. This means your needs and requirements take the first place in our priorities.