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Multiplayer games are on the rise! A large chunk of the most popular games are multiplayer, and even the new and upcoming ones have some multiplayer mode.

The feeling of playing with your teammates in a coordinated manner while communicating through voice chat is very addictive and exciting. Moreover, it is necessary to communicate in a strategic game for better performance.

Another thing that is on the rise is the trend of mods. Modding games provide you with an option to personalize them according to your needs.

Owning servers provide you with an option to do all this and more without running out of space or processing power. Furthermore, it also provides a better experience in some cases when compared to official servers of the respective games.

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Why Rent A Dedicated Server From Maximal Hosting?

At Maximal Hosting, we work hard to provide one of the best, seamless, and secure server gaming experiences. From hosting games to hosting clan/gaming websites, we provide a server for everything.

As a gamer, we also know that you spend a lot of money and time setting up your gaming PC. Therefore, we have set up our servers in such a way that it provides the best bang for the buck!

All of our highest rated features are explained below. Therefore make sure you read the whole thing and don’t skip a part.

Your choice of OS

You can choose to have a Linux based server or a Windows-based server. This choice will give you the flexibility to maintain the server in your way.

While most of the games can run on a Linux server, others might have problems. Therefore we give you the choice of choosing windows instead. Having this option means that you do not have to sacrifice your favorite game or the server experience!

Endless choice of games

We offer one of the most extensive lists of games to you. Whether it’s the classics like Minecraft and CSGO, or newly released games like FiveM, we provide a dedicated server for all of them.

What’s more impressive is that you can also choose to install more than one game on your server. This option lets you switch between games quickly and seamlessly. Play whatever game you want, whenever you want, with just a few clicks.

Easy to use

Unlike some of the other servers out there, ours do not require extensive initial setups from your end. We do everything for you and ship the servers with everything included.

All you need to do is buy the subscription for a server that hosts your choice of game. Our system on the server will automatically install the game, and you can play it within minutes.

Our servers also can detect and install updates for your game automatically. This feature means that you don’t need to waste your time maintaining the game and the servers by yourself.

Fast performance

All of our servers are based on SSDs. These provide the servers with the highest read and write speeds. When the speed of an SSD is paired with the latest internals, you get a fluid experience.

You can download and upload large files to the server within minutes. Furthermore, this decreases the time for setting up backups and restores; therefore, if things go wrong, you can make your server up and running within no time at all.

Amazing internals

Our team invests countless hours hunting down some of the most reliable, robust, and up-to-date components for our servers. This makes way for a fantastic gaming experience from the consumer’s end.

You can play all the latest AAA titles with the highest possible settings. Play all of your favorite AAA titles at high resolutions without any frame drops to get that immersive gaming experience.

Prioritize security

All of our servers are integrated with a robust security system that protects them from a wide variety of cyberattacks. One of the most common attacks is known as a DDoS attack.

In a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, the attacker uses multiple bots to connect with a server, therefore overloading its connections. This attack restricts other people from connecting to the server and sends them a denial of service popup.

Our security systems can detect and block these bots so that you can connect to the server without any problem.

Furthermore, all of our servers are kept separate from each other, and therefore, if one server gets affected, all of the other servers will continue to work fine.

Amazing support

No matter which subscription you choose, we always got your back. We have gathered a fantastic group of people who are ready to help you out! It does not matter where you live or what time it is; you can always reach us using an email.

We will get in touch with you within a matter of minutes and solve your issue within no time. From tutorials to helping things, we have got you covered.

High reliability

Our talented team of engineers makes sure that the servers are up and running at all times. We have a 99.99% up-time, which is one of the highest in the industry. This means you can game whenever you want without any issues.
Furthermore, this also ensures that your long gaming sessions never get ruined due to an offline server.

Low prices

You can get a server from us for a $5 prepaid plan! This is one of the lowest prices in the market, considering the features you are getting! The prices and plans are flexible, and you can set them according to your needs.
Moreover, you can choose to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Wide range of payment options

Paying for your subscription has never been easier! We accept all of the major cards like Visa and Mastercards. Other than that, we also support payment channels like PayPal and other renowned wallets.

Start getting the gaming experience that you deserve right now! You have nothing to worry about, the prepaid plans give you total security, and if you don’t like the services, you can drop them.