Rent A Cheap CSGO Server from $5

For FPS games like CS:GO, a low ping and an uninterrupted server works best to play the game online with friends. Playing CS:GO on digital game distribution platforms can be time-consuming.

Hosting a CS:GO server with Maximal Hosting will allow for a smooth gameplay with no lags and delay on competitive matches and rankings.

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When Counter-Strike first released in 1999, who knew that 20 years down the line, this First Person Shooter (FPS) game would still be the most popular game in history? With the launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) in 2012, millions of active gamers around the world started hosting servers or renting server hosts. But maintaining a server for CS:GO can get complicated and time-consuming. Fret not, for Maximal Hosting will assist in renting one of the best CS:GO server hosting available. Read on to know more about it and play the game with ease and unlimited fun!

Available Features on our CSGO Hosting Plans

Low ping CSGO hosting

Maximal Hosting will not let gamers down when it comes to renting the CS:GO server host. Listed below are some of its features and why it’s an excellent choice to opt for this server.


Effortless set-up

Once a gamer opts for this server host and places the order, the server will be set up in an instant with default settings configured in advance. And what’s more, gamers will have options to customize their servers. After installing the server, gamers can start playing the game without further ado!

Exceptional performance

Maximal Hosting offer the best CPU power available which help in the smooth running of the server. This will allow gamers to play without any complications or lags during the game. Once the server load reaches its capacity limit, gamers will have the option of increasing the RAM capacity. Maximal Hosting also give gamers the option to choose the load capacity according to their budget.

Game updates

Gamers need not worry in case of any available game updates; the game client will automatically update the game.For this, Maximal Hostings software will automatically update the game clients, thus keeping players up to date with the rest of the world.

DDoS Protected

If there is one thing that Maximal Hosting know about a gamer’s worst fear is a cyber attack. Hence, the servers at Maximal Hosting are set up with up-to-date firewall applications that will restrict Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Low ping

One of the most common setbacks that players face while gaming is lagging. It spoils the entire mood of the player(s) and even hampers the game plan. With Maximal Hosting, gamers can enjoy their game without facing any lags as its extremely fast network allows for low ping time.

Reasonable price

Renting CS:GO server hosting with Maximal Hosting could not get better! Its reasonably priced deals will allow for gamers to rent a server host within their budget and play the game tension-free!

FTP access

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is also easily accessible for advanced users who opt to rent CS:GO server hosting with us. Gamers can save files, transfer, or even modify games without any difficulty. Gamers can also back up their game and download at any given time.

Customer support

While installing the CS:GO server hosting may be easy for professional gamers, it may get a little complicated for first-timers. We will ensure that there is no room for confusion and will be there to assist in its installation at any given time of the day!

Hosting a server for practice

With CS:GO becoming the most talked about game around the globe, many people tend to give it a shot. While some play for fun, others get hooked and go the long way of becoming professional gamers.

  • Aspiring professional gamers can host tournaments and also practice for events by renting servers with us. Hosting servers for practice with Maximal Hosting allows for low ping within a range of area.
  • Gamers can also practice with friends and the gaming community on the local network while renting these servers.
  • Playing the game online will allow for teaming up with different gamers. Most times, gamers may get unlucky and team up with violent players or hackers. With us, hosting servers will allow for a gaming environment that’s safe and healthy.
  • Streaming CS:GO hosting will allow for gamers to play the game in private and even create playgrounds for other gamers. With Maximal Hosting, gamers will get to enjoy the best gaming experience ever!
  • With CS:GO becoming a well-known game, gamers all over the world dream of hosting private servers to play with family and friends. Renting Maximal Hostings CS:GO server rental gives gamers the privilege of enjoying super-fast hosting, making gaming a delightful experience!

Hosting a server for streaming CS:GO

With many live streaming platforms available for gamers, playing CS:GO has never been easy. But how about streaming one’s channel for those game lovers out there? Yes, with Maximal Hosting gamers can host servers which will be apt for ‘mod’ and ‘demo’ modes.


How to install MetaMod and SourceMod to your CSGO Server

Counter-Strike gamers would know that renting CS:GO servers is one of the best gaming experiences! But sometimes, gamers may like to host their private server. Gamers should keep in mind that installation of modding is crucial to run the server without any disturbances. Read on to know more about MetaMod and SourceMod and how to install them for CS:GO host servers.

Installing SourceMod

Since the installation of MetaMod is complete, CS:GO serverscan now run the SourceMod. This helps in the server being more flexible, allowing for the installation of more plugins and mods. For this, the gamer must ensure to download the SourceMod files.

  • Download the updated version of the SourceMod.
  • The downloaded files will be in a zipped file which will have the cfg and AddOn files. Extract the files and save them on to the desktop.
  • Locate the Server Directory by using the FTP client or go to local disc.
  • Move the mid folder to the game Server Directory. Note that there will now be three files on the AddOn folder.
  • Lastly, the gamer will have to edit MetaMod’s .ini file in order to run the SourceMod. For this, find the file in the MetaMod folder and open it with a text editor. Insert the text ‘addons/sourcemod/bins/sourcemod_mm’ at the end of the document.
  • Restarting the server will allow for SourceMod to run.

Installing MetaMod

MetaMod is a necessary plugin mod built for the half-life engine. This vibrant tool allows the engine to run with mod plugins and AddOns. Listed below are some of the instructions for installing MetaMod on CS: GO host servers:

  • The first thing a gamer needs to do is to download the up-to-date version of MetaMod: Source. Make note that the game and servers also need updating before installation of MetaMod.
  • Since the downloaded files will be in a zipped file, the second step during installation is to extract the zipped file and save it. Gamers can save the folder to the desktop. The file must have an ‘AddOn’ folder upon saving it in a new folder.
  • The third step is to find out the location of the server directory. This is the location of storage for addons. If the server is a private server, a gamer will have to use an FTP client to run and open the directory.
  • The fourth step of installing MetaMod is the generation of a VDF file for the game with the provided link. A gamer simply needs to select ‘Game’ option and then click on the ‘generate metaMod.VDF’ option. After this, the file will download on its own.  One needs to make sure that the file is working by running it with MS Word or Notepad to ensure that the text is correct.
  • Finally, the last step is moving the mod to the AddOn folder after which one needs to restart the server.

Avoiding errors and how to fix them

Following the instructions mentioned above to the T will ensure that there are no errors of any sort. However, if an error occurs, the reason could be that there were some mistakes while downloading the file. To avoid mistakes-

  • Ensure that while downloading, both the mod files are compatible versions.
  • Ensure that the file is not corrupted or not missing any data.
  • Ensure not to skip the creation of the .vdf file without making any changed to the script.
  • Ensure that nothing is changed in the .ini file of MetaMod while editing the .vdf file.

In case the files still do not run, causing the server to freeze, try and reinstall the server. Make sure to clear the slate before the reinstallation process.