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Ark Survival Evolved

If taming wild and ferocious creatures is your cup of tea then, this is the game for you. The game is the ‘Wild Wild West’ of the virtual gaming world.

ARK: Survival Evolved is an adventure game packed with action that revolves around the conception of taming primeval creatures and surviving in the open world environment. The wild prehistoric creatures that one has to tame are the Dinosaurs! Imagine subduing and taming ‘the Dinosaurs.’ It will be like running around taking a chance in the Jurassic Park!

ARK was first released for multiple gaming platforms on 27th August 2017 for different gaming platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. It was then followed by the further release of the iOS and Android version on 14th June 2018. The game with the release of Downloadable Contents packs helped gain immense popularity within the community.

By November 2018, the ARK was massive in terms of popularity owing to its adventure-action survival gameplay. Of the total gamer population, 2.4% were vigorously playing ARK according to statistics. It also ranked as the most famous game in the gaming community in Germany and USA.

The immersive and detailed graphics and unique gameplay made it such a rave with the gamers. Another reason for its vast popularity within the gaming enthusiasts was the expansion of the Downloadable Content (DLC) versions.

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Imagine yourself gaming in the pro-league arena. It will be unthinkable to go in with just the bare minimum. But rest assured, with our Ark: Survival Evolved server, you can get access to the optimum. In most cases, the normal server that you use for gaming is stripped to the minimum settings. But with our server, you get entry to the best of the choices for taking your gaming to another level.

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Our committed Ark server hosting elevates your multiplayer gameplay to a whole new dimension. With our devoted hosting service, your gaming experience is transformed and opens up to new possibilities that would have been unthinkable. 

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Unlimited traffic

Your gaming adventure will never lag behind or slow down, regardless of the multiple players connected to the server. Our server offers the smooth and continual gaming experience that will take your gaming to another level. 

We host on the latest production grade server fixtures which are backed up by some of the best available gaming networks. Our state-of-the-art traffic management system boost infinite traffics. Thus, you need not worry about having an additional gamer or friend hooked up your server. 

Server Hosting Features

Fast and easy setup 

Waiting for server hosting services can be a long and slow ordeal. However, our Ark server hosting services makes sure that you don’t wait for an eternity to make it happen. With our premium hosting service, delivery to your PC takes less time and make it quick following the payment transactions from your side.

Our server hosting also provides with the easy and straight forward approach of setting up the server with little to no complications. The only effort you need to put in during the setup is just to follow the instructions. Finally, the setup will be completely installed following some few clicks.

Our Ark server hosting provides with more than 1800 choices. Thus, you get a varied spectrum of options to choose from to make your ideal game configurations. The bonus of our server – it can be installed with one click, as simple as that! 

Fully rigged and hordes of customization privilege 

Our Ark server hosting services functions with fully equipped features. The developed features are available in all the released expansion packs to date. Choose and install your favorite from any of the expansion packs with just a click. The one-click process allows you to conserve your resources and time in the search and download of the packs individually.

Our advanced server hosting also provides you with the flexibility to construct and arrange the game setup according to your ideal requirements. Our Ark hosting server exhibit over 100 different unique in-game setups that you can construct to your game settings. With the numerous configurations and setting, you are likely to benefit from and enjoy high-end gaming adventure. 

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When it comes to pricing, our server offers the best in the realm of the gaming world. You won’t have to take a second thought about digging up your savings in order to pay us for the hosting service. Our Ark server hosting is quite reasonable in comparison to most of the other counterparts. 

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Effortless back-up 

It’s a bummer when you get killed in the gaming world. Therefore, to offer you a chance to take a continual and smooth shot at the game, our server brings you the back-up feature. 

Your gaming kits no longer need to endure your wrath every single time you get killed in the game. With the easy and effortless back-up component, you can pick up the game from where you left off and continue with the adventure.

24/7 Technical Support

Survival Evolved Server strives to provide excellent customer service. We cater the players hosting in our server with our competent support and provide feedback to queries 24/7 for technical support

Our services are fortified with quick and prompt customer service where we go all out to make every game tailor-made.

DDoS protection 

When it comes to gaming, security is one of our main concerns. But, with our developed and progressive DDoS protection, your server hosting will be invulnerable. Our ARK server hosting is equipped with advanced firewall applications to defend against invasions.

With our hosting, you will remain immune from the various external malicious intrusion that might compromise your security. Our additional security-layered safeguard will keep your server safe and free from several unauthorized service permissions.

Ark: Survival Evolved Gameplay

The Ark: Survival Evolved gameplay mainly focuses on the player’s survival in a fabricated land called ARK. The fictional area is filled with ancient creatures. The game mechanism ensues an open-world navigation system. The players to survive must set up a base, with weapons and fire. Additional adventures, such as feeding and taming dinosaurs, need more resources. The game’s world i.e., the fictional land ‘ARK,’ is about 48 km2 in size (approximately), of which 36 km2 (almost) is land and 12 km2 ocean.

The players can move around the land either by riding the prehistoric creatures such as the dinosaur available around or on foot. The Ark game can be played in the first-person perspective or the third-person.

The game provides single-player or multiplayer mode like the other counterparts. The primary conception of the games revolves around the taming of the prehistoric creatures in the single-player mode. Following the taming, you will have to feed the animals in order to assist you in completing the specific tasks. 

The players can also build bases as well as invade another player’s establishment. With access to the varied range of modified firearms and improvised weapons, the players can protect their base and defend against intrusions and invasions from other players. 

Create Structures

The Ark players can construct structures throughout the virtual game world. The players, to construct a base, must collect structural components such as windows, doors, roofs, and floors. The materials can be acquired from the resources scattered throughout the island. The fundamental elements can be accumulated or collected, when the players reach certain levels or gain access to various features as the players progress in the game. These structural components can be crafted and arranged accordingly in the base.

The players, for any period with the acquisition of resources and logistics, can build any arrangement or structures. Only upon the destruction of the foundations and pillars, the structural cohesion of the architecture is compromised. The construction of the structures can be made from various material tiers. The players can start out by building thatched structures, then further moving on from wood to finally tek, a late-game and futuristic structural material. 

Creatures and Dinosaurs

The game at present has over 176 creatures roaming in the Ark island. During the initial stages, the game set comprised of only prehistoric dinosaurs and primeval creatures. However, as the game progressed further, the population of creatures and animals increased. With new approaches and innovations, the Ark game developers added few of the original endemic creatures. 

The game also witnessed the addition of Wyvern and Phoenix, the mythical creatures to the island. The Ark island also features some other animals like the saber-toothed tiger, Dodo, Titanomyrma, Mammoth, Doedicurus, and Meganeura. All the creatures on the island follow their predator hierarchies and have their own ecosystems.


In the multiplayer status, the players can join forces together, and ‘tribes’ can be formed. The purpose behind the formation of the tribes is to provide protection and aid each other. The various tribes formed can involve in the attacking and invasion of the other tribe’s base and also work collectively to defend their base. The maximum members allotted in each tribe differs from sever to servers. 


The players in the game can keep track of various stats or meter such as stamina, health, hunger, weight, oxygen, and thirst, or how much the players can carry and endure. If the players suffer damage, their health stats will regenerate gradually. The regeneration will be upon the consumption of the necessary food, or if they can craft features that reconstruct their health meter at a quicker pace. If no option is available, the player’s health stats will regenerate or increase gradually slowly over a period of time.

Harvesting Materials

The Ark game players can also gain experience by the harvesting of materials, killing, crafting, or through the discovery of explorer’s notes. Once the player obtains adequate knowledge, they earn an increase in the level point. The level points can be utilized to improve one of the player’s meters which include health to the max, max oxygen, max stamina, max food meter, max carry weight, max movement speed, max water meter, max crafting speed and melee damage. 

PvP & PvE Modes

The game offers two game mode i.e., the PvP game mode and the PvE game mode. In the PvP game mode, the players can avail opportunities to fight one another. However, in the PvE mode, the players are immune to external attacks or are not allowed or are barred from involving in attacks of other’s base camp.

The game has the maximum player level at 105, as of January 2019. An addition of 30 levels can be gained by overthrowing or vanquishing the bosses at the end game. Experience and level points gained from the tamed animals can also be utilized for boosting the various stats or meters.

Besides the PvP and PvE game mode, the other game modes available in multiplayer status are:

  • PvX mod (exclusive for the mobile platform)
  • ARKpocalypse 
  • Survival of the fittest 
  • Primitive 
  • Hardcore