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Impostor consists of a devoted open-source server for Among Us. You’ll be able to play the game on your server with Impostor only with your friends. You can partake in the game and face no issues of lagging at all.

This way, you can easily play the game from your smartphone or PC on the Impostor server. You’ll be able to rent the impostor server that has protection from DDoS attacks, starting from $5.

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Among Us impostor hosting

What's Among Us?

Among Us consists of an online social deduction video game that supports multiplayer. The American Game Studio Innersloth developed and also published this game. The game’s release for Android and iOS devices were in June of 2018 and in November 2018 for Microsoft Windows.

It features a cross-platform type of play between the different platforms. The game’s release for the Nintendo Switch was in December of 2020. The planned releases for platforms like Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One will be in 2021.

The environment of the game takes place in a setting with a space theme. Here, the players can take up any of the two roles, i.e., crewmates and imposters. Here, the number of imposters is already predetermined.

The crewmates’ primary objective is to complete the tasks present around the map, identify, and eliminate imposters. The imposters’ main goal is to secretly sabotage the spaceship and kill crewmates before finishing all of their assigned tasks. Elimination of the suspected impostors takes place through a plurality vote.

Here, the players can initiate elimination by calling emergency meetings in the middle of the game. But the crewmates can’t call for meetings during dead body reporting and crisis. Crewmates will win on completion of all the tasks or elimination of all the impostors. And impostors will win when there is an equal number of crewmates and impostors. They can also win when critical sabotage isn’t resolved.

Among Us garnered very little attention upon its release in 2018, but it got worldwide popularity in 2020. YouTubers and Twitch Streamers playing the game is responsible for its popularity.

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Why Choose Maximal Hosting For Your Among Us Server?

Here are some of the reasons for what sets Maximal Hosting apart.

  • Prepaid Option – At maximal hosting, you’ll have the chance to exercise the prepaid option. You can pay for the service in advance and enjoy the features at the earliest without any delays.
  • Live Chat – With maximal hosting, you’ll also have live chat support. Here, you can communicate actively with other users or us to discuss anything related to the game and server.
  • Automatic Setup – There won’t be any complications with the download and installation process. The imposter server will display its automatic set up the moment you rent it for your gameplay.
  • Powerful Hardware – You can expect your hardware to stay undetected from any hacks or DDoS attacks. It doesn’t malfunction and operates smoothly without showing any signs of lagging.
  • Own Web Surface – By having your very own web surface at maximal hosting, you’ll be able to easily manage your products conveniently. Here, you have control and get to exercise exciting features.

Our team at maximal hosting tends to make game server hosting quite seriously. What sets maximal hosting apart is our affordable prices, premium hardware, and lightning speed.

Our primary objective is to create a hosting environment and gaming solution that is tailor-made. We provide the optimum combination of adaptive software and cutting-edge hardware that guarantees to suit your gaming needs. Game servers are undoubtedly the central focus of the gaming experience for the next generation.

So, that is why we provide a game server hosting that uses technologies available at present. Our technologies also anticipate the future in terms of use, so you can expect to have long-term usage with it, along with newer updates and features.

You can access all of our features and other possibilities in just a few simple clicks. We don’t want to sound stuck up or anything, but we just might not have any rivals when it comes to game server hosting.

Always Online

Game server hosting is meaningless if you can’t keep it up and running. Also, downtime is the worst when you desperately need it, but it happens. You don’t want a hosting service that provides 100s of gaming titles with 0 performance. But at maximal hosting, we have multiple options to pick from and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We have one trait that is missing in a lot of hosting companies nowadays, which is reliability. You have to realize that the best games take sessions that span multiple hours.

The good thing is that our servers come with the right configurations for supporting the long sessions. Our hardware has connections to redundant servers and backup resources that are always ready in continuing hosting whenever a server goes down. It indicates that you won’t notice anything whenever our server shares or switches loads.

You’ll be just fine even when the rest of the hosting companies are experiencing downtime.

Worldwide Data Centers

The calculated and deliberate placement of our company’s data centers is one of the main reasons we can guarantee a 99.9% uptime. Our server locations don’t end up in specific places by accident. We always make sure to plan out the placement of our centers in advance

We can do this by considering both the reach and connectivity of our client base. Here, we refer to the importance of you and your location and how we prioritize it while deciding the placement of our data centers.

We strategically place these server locations to enable us to connect you to the most appropriate server. Since our client base keeps rising, we make it a priority to continue expanding all of our server locations.

Our data centers and their connectivity are always increasing in equal proportion to the customers in our community. In this way, we can maintain our servers and services at an optimum level even when new users are joining in on our ranks every day.

Excellent Hardware Performance

We provide services with excellent hardware and unmatchable security at all times. When you sign up for the server, you’ll be happy to know that Among Us will come with preconfigured settings. But it can also be any other game of your choice.

Our servers have well-rounded DDoS protection accompanied by the latest security layers and firewalls for ensuring full working security. Plus, there will be a manual and automated monitoring type for dealing with any potential threats or risks.

Easy Payment Process

At maximal hosting, the payments will be the last of your worries. The payment process is super easy, and it allows you to get into your gameplay sessions at the earliest. It’s simple and directly gets into the business without wasting time.

Also, we aren’t exaggerating when we say that you’ll have your imposter server in just a few clicks. Our payment system easily accepts all major card types, making it convenient for all the users during the sign-up process. The payment section requires only a few steps, and Voila! You’ll be gaming in a matter of a few seconds.

24/7 Customer Service

Our excellent client community is the reason behind our ever-increasing services. We treat your gaming problems as our own. Customer service is a privilege and not an obligation here at maximal hosting.

We consider this privilege as serious, and it easily shows from the way that we offer technical or other support to the gaming community. And by the gaming community, we refer to the gamers that are always on the lookout for one another.

These gamers don’t just discuss and tackle each other’s problems, but they also share the same passion and displays a sense of belonging. You’ll find these infused values whenever we interact with our customers.

We are always looking forward to the times our clients reach out and get in touch with us.

Why? Well, that is because we prioritize customer feedback and experience. It could be about technical support, exchange of ideas, or problem-solving. Plus, our services will be available round the clock and throughout the year.

What You Can Expect with An Among Us Impostor Server

For ensuring that your imposter server offers a seamless gaming experience from the get-go, there is an automatic calculation of the necessary hardware resources during the ordering procedure. But if you still require more resources, you can always order them while you pick your server.

The Among Us impostor server will set up automatically and have full pre-configuration after you make the payment. In a few minutes, the Among Us impostor server will be ready for play.

Free FTP Access

Once you rent an Among Us impostor game server, you’ll receive free FTP access for your server. It enables you to easily exchange data and other information between the server and your computer. In this way, you can download and also upload your world.

Upgrade Your Server

Also, you can upgrade your server by using your mods. It does so for perfectly customizing the server to your desired needs. If RAM usage gets increasingly high, then a RAM boost in an upgrade form is recommended.

You can also do this, and extra up/downgrades anytime through the web interface in just a few simple clicks of a button. You’ll be able to act without any complications and delays, especially because the interface is super-friendly. If you get bored and tired of playing Imposter Among Us, then you can always switch to a different game.

Change Game

Sometimes we are addicted to playing certain games for an extended period, but then the boredom hits us. So, the game cloud feature will help you play a different game in no time. If you possess a personal IP address, along with a default port, then the default port will be retained once your game changes.

Free DDoS Protection

You can also expect our free protection of DDoS to prevent slowing down your game server during DDoS attacks. There is sorting out of attacker packets and analysis of incoming packets. It won’t strain the server of your imposter Among Us but normally run like the usual days.

The players in the game server don’t even notice DDoS attacks. It’s possible to set your DDoS protection based on your requirements if you possess your very own IP address. You’ll also have easier protection administration access, see both the past and current attacks, and respond accordingly.

The Among Us imposter server installation will only be on the powerful and current hardware. You’ll witness the best possible gameplay experience with the mixture of these two factors. It’s always fun and important to stay updated on your imposter server’s latest features and tweaks.

In a Nutshell

  • The Intel E5-2650v4 processors offer lag-free gameplay with its top-performance servers.
  • Our 328GB DDR4-RAM host systems provide sufficient power for all of your plugins or more.
  • You’ll have the SSD server for lightning speed processing and for witnessing the best Among Us imposter gameplay performance.
  • Prepare to enjoy complete access through FTP. The updates are easily installable in just a few mouse clicks from your PC.
  • There is an InGame console that allows you to send commands.
  • The online configuration editor enables you to understand and edit the server settings.
  • You can also have backups on this platform. Start creating and importing everything with just a simple button click.
  • You’ll have full live chat support. So, when you have problems, you can easily gamble again.
  • The prepaid payment option is always useful if you’re not interested in having a contract for your imposter Among Us server.
  • Users can easily exercise a ton of payment options, including PayPal, credit card, and PaySafeCard.