Our passion for Gaming

Our team’s industry-arsenal includes full-stack developers, dynamic coordinators, and hardware experts, but these are our secondary identities. Our primary identity lies in our love for all things gaming! From the very outset, gaming was a lived passion for us, and the gaming culture that has developed in the last few decades has been utterly inspiring.

Today, we are proud and privileged to be playing the role of facilitators in helping others get access to the games of they love. This is a privilege that we take very seriously, and it translates in the way we provide you with the best gaming structures. In providing you with gaming services, we are unrelenting, uncompromising, and simply unrivaled!

Our expertise

Our team is made up of indispensable members, each fulfilling a crucial role in your gaming experience. We have hardcore gamers who realized they want to create better environments for other players. Our technical and hardware experts not just maintain our servers; they keep improving them for better performance. Our customer reps are trained professionals who understand empathy and enjoy exceptional communication skills.

Our security experts provide timely and regular monitoring of services so that you enjoy hassle-free gaming. Our developers work tirelessly to offer you with user-friendly interfaces and convenient control panels. We partner with industry leaders who use our platform to provide you with the best services and deals. We could go on and on about how each member is crucial in ensuring you unrivaled server hosting, but you get the idea!

Meet our team

Trevon Grey

Trevon Grey is the CEO and founder of Maximal Hosting.

Rich Lenning
Marketing Director

Rich Lenning is our marketing director, and a real good one at that!

Janine Holger
Public Relations

Janine is our public relations rep and handles all our public stuff.

Eric Coleman
Customer Support

Eric Coleman handles our customer support on-site.

Our dedication

Because we come from a wide range of gaming backgrounds, we also bring a unique set of experiences to the table. Each of us has learnt, experienced, grown, and developed expertise in gaming in our own unique ways. One of the most crucial elements that have brought our resources together is the dedication we enjoy. This commitment to providing gaming infrastructure has brought us together to for Maximal Hosting. And it has been the most fulfilling pursuit in our lives. Our deepest desire is to share this fulfilment with you, our community so that you too can develop your passion more.

At Maximal Hosting, gaming is not a time-killer or leisurely activity. It is a shared passion that has brought together people from all over the world. We are convinced that gaming has this inspiring ability to create communities out of strangers, and this element should never be ignored. This is why our approach to server hosting is to enable as many people to connect as possible. As cheesy as it sounds, we believe that we are playing a small part in bringing the gaming world closer together.

Our promise

We have built a reputation for being reliable and loyal to their customers. And we plan to reinforce the trust that has been put in us. We are committed to providing unrivaled server-hosting to each customer, young and old, experienced or noob! This implies that our server options are configured to fit every type of gaming pattern and requirement. This customer-centered approach to server-hosting is something you will not find easily in other providers (Did someone say unrivaled?). Our services are supported with:

  • Budget-friendly packages that take your money concerns away!

Money should not be an obstacle when you want to pursue your passion or just enjoy a lazy afternoon.

  • Industry-leading uptime rates and cutting-edge hardware.

Our uptime guarantees are in among the most reliable in the hosting and gaming industry. We do not load your servers with unnecessary components. Each server is optimized and enhanced to handle your gaming requirements.

  • Customer reps who are personal and honest.

We value honesty when dealing with our community because all great exchange of ideas happens in honest atmospheres. When you call our technical support, be prepared to meet helpful personalities who really want to enhance your gaming experience.

  • Worldwide data centers.

We believe that distance and connectivity should not prevent you from enjoying the games you love. This is why we have set up server sites that reach out to the broadest possible network of customers. When you sign up, we connect you to the server site that is in closest proximity with your real location. This helps you enjoy seamless and uninterrupted game hosting.

  • An ever-improving and expanding infrastructure network.

Our team is continually recruiting new talent to enhance our services. Processors and hardware are continually upgraded to the latest models.