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Rent the best dedicated game servers from Maximal Hosting. We offer affordable monthly plans for the most popular games. Start your own server now!

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Why Choose Maximal Hosting?

We at Maximal Hosting take game server hosting seriously. With premium hardware, lightning speed and affordable prices makes us one of the favorites for server hosting.

We are committed to creating a tailor-made gaming solution and hosting environment for you. We offer the optimum combo of cutting-edge hardware and adaptive software that is guaranteed to suit your gaming requirements.

We believe game servers are at the core of the next generation of the gaming experience. That’s why we provide game-hosting that utilizes technologies of the present, as well as anticipate possibilities of the future. And all of this is available to you with only a few clicks. When it comes to game server hosting, dare we say it? We have no rival!

Tons of Options and Titles

At Maximal Hosting, we understand that our gaming community represents diverse interests and a huge variety of gaming pursuits. And we’re proud to say that our team shares the passion of our customers. To this end, we have extended our server options to include a wide range of gaming genres and popular titles.

We offer Minecraft server hosting for the ones who like to explore their creative inclinations. Go ahead and build, create, expand, and express as you lose yourself in seamless Terraria server hosting.

If you’re the lone-ranger in the apocalypse survival world, our Rust servers are supported by the latest hardware and easy-to-use panels. If you’re into military tactics and infiltration missions, get ready to bust out those guns in our CSGO servers.

If you just want to lie back and pass a lazy afternoon exploring a whole new world, our Garry’s Mod Servers are guaranteed to provide endless hours experimentation.

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Unrivaled Uptime

The best game hosting offers out there in the market become meaningless when they can’t keep your server up and running. Downtime is even worse if it happens when you need it the most (which is always). We know of hosting companies who offer a hundred gaming titles but deliver zero performance. When we provide you options to choose from, it comes with an uptime promise that is guaranteed to deliver. Reliability is a trait that is hardly seen in hosting servers today, and part of our mission is to change that scenario.

The best games take up hours and hours of sessions, and our servers are all configured to support those long sessions. How do we do this, you ask? Simple. Our hardware is all connected to back-up resources and redundant servers that are ever-ready to continue hosting if a server goes down (which is rare). This means that you won’t even notice when our servers switch or share loads, even as other hosting services experience downtime.

Ever-expanding server locations

One of the reasons why we can guarantee an uptime of 99.99 percent is because of the deliberate and calculated placement of all our data centers. That’s right! Our server locations do not end up where they are by accident. We take the utmost care in deciding where our centers should be placed. This is done by considering the connectivity and reach of our customer base. Basically, we’re saying that you and your location are what matters most when we decide where to place our data centers. This strategic placement of server locations allows us to connect you to the most appropriate server for you.

As our unrivaled customer base keeps increasing, we have also seen the need to continue expanding our server locations. We ensure that our data centers and their connectivity keeps growing in proportion to our client-community. With this, we aim to keep our services and servers at optimum levels even as new gamers join our ranks every day!

Excellent Customer-Support

One of the reasons why our services have kept increasing is because of our awesome client-community (That’s you!). We consider your gaming troubles to be our own. At Maximal Hosting, Customer service is not an obligation; it’s a privilege. We take this privilege seriously, and it reflects in the way we provide support (technical or otherwise) to our gaming community. When we say community, we mean individuals who look out for each other, share common passions, and have a sense of belonging. These values are infused in every interaction we have with our clients.

We look forward to the times when you get in touch with our team because it’s one of the things we value the most. Whether it’s for technical support, problem-solving, or just a healthy exchange of ideas, we are here and available. Did we mention? You get our services round-the-clock and throughout the year!

Simple Payment System

When you sign up to rent Maximal Hosting, we want payments to be the least of your worries! Instead, we aim to let you get to your gaming sessions as quickly as possible. This is why our payment process is one of the simplest and most straightforward in the business. It’s no exaggeration when we say you’ll have your server hosting your game in merely a few clicks. Our payment system accepts all kinds of major cards so that it’s convenient for you while signing up. All you have to do is click on a few steps on our payment section, and you’ll be gaming on the word go!

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24/7 DDoS Protection

We offer servers that are state-of-the-art hardware and with unmatched security. When you sign up for one of our servers, you’ll be glad to know that it’s configured according to the game of your choice. For example, your Minecraft Server is set-up so that it can handle the intricacies and mods of the game better than other servers. Also, these processors also come in different packages so that you can choose the one that fits your requirement the most. Each kit is designed, keeping in mind the various sections of the gaming community.

All our servers are DDoS protected with the latest firewalls and security layers to ensure complete security. You also get automated as well as manual monitoring so that any risks or potential threats are immediately dealt with!